When you are sleeping peacefully at night, the bed bugs may become the cause of your distress. These bugs or insects are mainly small-sized parasites, which are oval in shape. The homeowners, who are experiencing these problems, try out various methods for destroying those bugs. Many of them also attempt to kill those bugs manually when they trace them out in their beddings.

However, it is not easy to damage all the insects in this way. You may call professionals for bug removal but if you want an affordable option, we present you with some DIY solutions.

Bed Bugs and Their Diverse Species

The researchers have noticed that bed bugs are present in this world with more than ninety species. However, only two to three of them get nourished with human blood. C. lectularius is a common bug species, found in areas of temperate climate and subtropical regions. Many other species usually suck blood from rats, birds and dogs.

It is not easy to determine the bug types, which are present in your room. The common ones have very flat margins and wide prothorax. Some bugs also have hairs, which are much longer in length. If you have no knowledge on these small bugs, you may think that all of them have almost same look.

Health Risks Due to The Bed Bugs

In most cases, the researchers have observed that bed bugs can cause only irritation, and there is no risk of any health problems. The bugs bite off the hosts in order to suck blood and have an extreme level of nourishment. It can result in small red colored bumps, which are itchy. With the simple treatments, you may get rid of this itchy feeling. However, while you aren’t careful, you may face many other issues, like:


As the bugs disturb you mainly at night, you may not have sound sleep at night. Though these bites are not much painful, they will surely irritate you. You can start scratching the areas, which are affected with the bugs. Thus, you will face sleep problems that may also cause depression, anxiety and also psychosis, if it is a serious case.

Infectious Disease

Though this problem is not common, the bug bites may sometimes cause infection. However, you have to be aware of this issue. After the bug bite into your body, you scratch that area. This causes the pathogens to get into your wounded parts. That is why you should check those bites in order to make sure that they have not become infected.


Many individuals experience allergy, and this may be a serious or mild condition. You can look for medical treatment, if you any allergy, caused by the bugs.

Is There Any Bed Bug Problem in Your Room?

Before you make plan for treating the bugs, you have to know whether your home is surely infested with bugs. If the bugs are on your bed, you may feel itchy, while lying on the bed. You can find red, swollen bumps on your body.

The stains or marks on bed sheets are also common due to the presence of bugs. While you try to get the traces of bugs, you can also find their excrements or shells on different places. Another sign of the existence of bed bugs is the bad odor, and this odor comes mainly from the glands of bugs.

15 Remedies to Kill Bed Bugs Naturally

1. Lavender Oil

This oil is the most common natural solution to damage bed bugs. This naturally produced insecticide destroys all the eggs of bugs. Lavender has a special fragrant, which prevents the invasion of bugs. The solution works as cytotoxin that has the capability of killing the bugs.

Blend lavender oil (ten to fifteen drops) and water. Then, shake this solution before pouring it into your bottle. You may also avail lavender powder and soap to spray them on the right areas. It is also better to use fresh leaves and flowers of lavender to treat the affected spots.

2. Bean Leaf

This leaf contains trichomes, which are very tiny hairs. The most interesting fact is that these leaves are able to trap all the bed bugs. Trichomes become stuck to the legs of bugs in order to catch them. Thus, you have only scattered those leaves in different parts of your house. You may also place them under your bed mattresses.  Before disposing of those leaves, you should wait only for some days. After removing those leaves, you may see that bed bugs have not returned to your house.

3. Clove

This natural substance has also the power of acting as the bug repellant. The pH level of cloves may be acidic, and it produces a spicy smell. That is why all the bed bugs get disturbed. This component can also destroy the bugs with its smell. You have to use clove oil for spraying it on the areas.

4. Baking Soda

This substance is perhaps available in your house, and many experts have said that this can work as one of the best bed bug destroyers with the process of dehydration. Though there is no scientific proof, these bugs do not have the capability of absorbing fluids. The soda gets broken down in liquid very easily. Thus, it is effective in an absorbing fluids or water.

5. Boric Acid

This is also another strong pesticide, which is able to eliminate bugs, ants or termites. However, these pests can get damaged only if they ingest it. The bugs can suck and pierce with their mouth. Thus, in all the cases, the acid may not access the stomach of the bugs.

6. Diatomaceous Earth

This insecticide is not toxic, and thus, you may not have any risk while using it. However, it has a significant ability to have a control over pests. Many people also use this substance for protecting any stored item. This element is applicable to treat any spot. So, you may apply on the wall crevices and many other parts. This is a solid powder, which is effective to trap the bugs. You have to look for the highest-quality DE to have the outstanding outcome. Leave the powder for minimum 3 days, and then remove them. Thus, DE works as one of the simple home remedies for bed bugs.

7. Tea Tree Oil

Researchers have found out an interesting fact about tea tree. This oil has an excellent capability of working as insecticide. This oil creates an impact on the stability of the cell structure, and so, the insects lose their control.

The oil helps in damaging the membrane so that the bugs cannot show their effect. You may better apply the oil into the most inaccessible places, such as, the joints of furniture and cracks. Take some oil and water to spray it on the right area. So, follow these tips to remove these bugs.

8. Neem Oil

We know that neem has an excellent medicinal value to treat lots of health issues. We usually use seeds and leaves in order to make the medicines. However, neem oil has also another significant effect as it is useful as the home remedies for bed bugs.  This oil assists in repelling pests at a considerable level because of its toxicity. It also inhibits the growth of larvae. So, make the solution by combining water, neem oil and soap. Apply it to various parts, like crevices, and you will surely get the result.

9. Thyme

It acts as one of the commonly used repellants, and kills the eggs of mites. Tie a cloth piece with thyme twig, and then burn the area that is infested. You can also put the leaves of thyme into bags that you may put on various places.  You need to continue this method for almost one month, and it will kill all the bugs.

10. Orange Oil

The main component for which this oil acts as bug killer is d-limonene. It also works as toxin in order to destroy the bud bugs within the shortest time. With orange oil, you have to blend molasses and compost tea. It is also better to add some water for creating the solution. To get the best result, you may add neem oil that we have already mentioned.

For 3 days, you have to apply it thrice. Continue it for eighteen days to make it most potential home remedy to remove the bugs.

11. Fungus to Lose The Ability of Bugs

Beauveria Bassiana is one of the fungi that may neutralize the power of bed bugs. That is why it is highly popular as a bug removal component. You can find this fungus on the soil. There is no need of getting concerned on any ecological issue. This natural is also so effective that you may be able to kill the bugs. The bugs will not multiply or cannot move to different places. So, it is better to combat bugs with this fungus.

12. Extract of Pyrethrum

This is also a natural substance, present in some blossoms. In this special extract, the researchers have found pyrethrin that is poisonous to the bugs. It harms their nerves, causing the destruction of these creatures. Thus, try to avail the extract, which work as one of the home remedies for bed bugs.

13. Vacuum Cleaning Tool

This cleaner is intended for drawing all bed bugs, which are present in your house. This is simple and useful method for the elimination of these insects from the bedroom and all other places. In most of the households, you may find this tool, and so, choosing this remedy is the best way to get rid of the problem. To ensure that no egg of bugs is present under the mattress, you can use a brush for loosening them. You may better start vacuuming all the furnishings and curtains in your room.

14. Apply Steam to Remove Bugs

While you want to kill bugs with the help of the steaming process, you may apply hot steam. The surrounding environment will not have any impact with this method. It helps in easy removal of bugs from cracks or holes. This steam has also the ability to pass through your bed mattress so that all the hidden bugs will help you to keep away from the infestation of bugs in all the areas. The researchers have observed that you can kill the bugs very fast, if you expose them to more than 140°F temperature.

For the simplest bug solutions, you should:

  • Vacuum every spot of your room
  • Apply the steaming tool on the spots, where bugs are noticeable
  • Though this steamer may cause fabrics to become damp, it will not cause any intricate issue.
  • After accomplishing the process, you have to spread the air by using fan.

Repeat this process several times to remove all the bugs.

15. Clean Your Rooms

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

If your room always remains cluttered and has full of dusts, the bugs get more chances to stay hidden behind various items. They try to remain confined mainly in the tight places, and thus, you have to make all the areas dirt-free. You may also use warm water for cleaning shoes, clothes or toys. Dusting the chairs is also essential for removing bed bugs.

The old pieces of furniture, which have become tattered, must be thrown away. The bugs can remain hidden in these places, and thus, if the furniture is not in good condition, you can better replace them with a new one.

Thus, these are some solutions that you can try out at home. Though there are many professionals to treat bugs with modern devices, you can prefer natural solutions to get home remedies for bed bugs. Most of the components for DIY remedies are available in your households. If you want to kill or remove bed bugs from all your rooms, you can choose any of them. Before the bugs grow at a significant level, you need to take steps to prevent all their effects.