You surely want to learn how to get rid of Asian beetles especially in time when this insect often sighted to prevent or even remove them from inside your house. Actually there are many methods that you can use, so you can try them all or choose some that you think will be effective to be used in your house. But before learning the methods, it is better for us to take a closer look on this Asian beetle so you will know what you will face.

Many Types of Asian Beetles

Asian beetles are very commonly sighted in all parts of US and even some parts of Canada. Actually having this beetle inside your garden is beneficial as they will eat many kinds of pest that often invade your garden. However, what makes people does not feel comfortable with them is because they often invade the house in search for a place to hibernate. Surely this will not feel comfortable for home owners which make them want to remove the tiny creature from their house.

Actually there are some Asian beetles that also destroy the garden which make the garden owners also want to remove them from the garden. Here are some of the Asian beetles that often destroy your garden:

  • Bryony Ladybird

This type of beetle love to feed on white bryony leaves, cucurbits, and even gourds. They are small usually has around five mm to seven mm in size. They have orange color with eleven black color spots.

  • Squash beetle

This type of beetle is often found on the eastern part of US. They like to eat cucurbitaceous plant as well as gourds. They have yellow color with seven spots that is very large on each of their wings as well as black colored spots in the head.

  • Bean beetle

It is the most famous type of Asian beetle that you can find and commonly seen in eastern part of US and Mexico. The same as their name, this type of beetle likes to eat bean as well as legume, for example soybean, mung, azuki, cowpea, clover, alfalfa as well as Lima. This type of beetle has appearance that is very similar to other type of Asian beetle that actually not destructive. Their body shape is oval with orange color as well as eight spots that cover each of their wings. They have around six mm to seven mm in size.

  • Potato ladybug

This type of beetle is actually very large compared to the other types of beetle species. They have orange color and thirteen spot in each of their wings as well as two other spots in their thorax which is twenty eight in total. They often eat the potatoes as well as other types of vegetables. This type of beetle is commonly found in Australia where it has become destructive pest.

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How to Get Rid of Asian Beetles with 10 Easy Methods

1. Vacuum

Asian beetles may infest your house not only on the exterior but they often enter the house itself. You may even notice there are a whole bunch of them that resides inside your house. When that happens, you need to quickly remove the Asian beetles from inside your house as soon as possible. The easiest way that you can do to remove them from your house is by vacuum them. You vacuum cleaner will be able to suck the beetles so it will not run away when you try to remove them. Vacuum every beetle in sight and then release them outside of your house.

Actually the Asian beetle comes inside your house, since they want to search for a place to hibernate during the winter season. Thus they would not take over the house or even breeding inside. That is why; the more humane method that you can use when learning how to get rid of Asian lady beetle on house is by using vacuum.

A tip to ensure you only remove the beetle from the vacuum cleaner instead of throwing the dust everywhere, you can try to put knee-high stocking inside the wand then secure it using rubber band. That way, when you vacuum the beetle, they will be attached into the stocking while the dust will enter the container or vacuum bag. Then all you need to do is to take the stocking outside of your house and release the beetle. Do this right away as the beetle can actually crawl away from inside the container if you left them for too long.

2. Screen

Another effective way that you can use to keep the beetle from entering your house is by installing screen. Install this in any openings that usually available in your house such as windows, doors, ventilation openings in your attic, and many others. By installing this screen into those openings, then the beetle would not have any way to access your house. Do not forget that you need to check the condition of the screen every year especially in summer as well as the beginning of fall season. This is when the beetles start to search for a place to hibernate. Thus you might want to see whether there are holes on the screen or not. When you find any holes, then replace the screen right away since it may be used by the beetle to going through the screen and finally entering your house.

3. Change House Color

You might not believe it, but actually the beetles may choose to enter your house because they are attracted to its color. Especially if your house has light colors such as yellow or white. That is why; it will really help you to change the color of your exterior wall or trim and use darker color instead. The beetle hates dark color thus it would be least likely that they will choose your house as their hibernation place.

4. Sealer

You should know that the opening in your house is not only on your windows or door, but your walls might even have them too. Especially if you have some cracks on the walls which make the beetles can come through them into your house. This is why; it is important to investigate your house even before the beetles invade your house. If you do not want to be bothered with the outside wall cavity since it will occurs multiple time each year, then at least you should repair your indoor wall.

This will prevent the beetle that manage to sneak into the crack in the outdoor crack and hibernate there to go and enters your house when the hibernation period is over. When the season change and it begin to warm up, the beetle will wake up from their hibernation and go into the warmth. Of course, your indoor area will be warmer than outside. This makes them crawl into your indoor area instead of the other way around. Then they will invade your house even though they not initially want it. That is why; you need to seal the crack in your indoor wall so they will crawl to the outdoor area instead. You can try to use sealer to seal your wall perfectly without worry.

5. Pesticide

Another way that you can use to remove the Asian beetles from inside your house is by using pesticide. This pesticide is very effective since it will instantly kill the beetle. The types of pesticides that often used to get rid of this type of beetle are pyrethrins as well as pyrethroids. All you need to do is to spray the outdoor wall of your house as well as any siding area so the beetles would not come near.

However, you should know that the pesticide itself is equally dangerous for human and pet that you have at home. That is why; most home owners try to avoid this method or at least use it as the last effort. But do not be afraid, as long as you do it very carefully, then this method is actually very effective to use.

6. Light Trap

This light trap actually uses the nature of Asian beetle that love light. You can try to place this Asian beetle trap in dark area inside your house on just use it at night when everything else is dark. The lights that emitted by the trap will lure the beetle to come near it and then the beetle will enter the jar where the trap is. The beetle will not be killed with this equipment but they cannot escape from it either. So you can try and release the beetle that you caught outdoor or even kill it by filling the jar using soapy water.

Actually you can also DIY this trap by yourself but for you who does not want to be bothered by making it, there are many selection of the light trap that sold everywhere. Some of them even include pheromone which will lure the beetle even better.

7. Diatomaceous Earth

This diatomaceous earth is actually insect deterrent which created using natural ingredients so it is safe for you to use. However, it is not safe for the beetle as it will hurt them which make their body liquid to come out. Eventually they will die out of dehydration. That is why; they will try to avoid this powder form substance as much as they can. The landscapers actually also uses this powder to keep the beetle from entering any houses that they working on.

You can even found a food grade version of this powder which will even be safer if you have pets around. To use it, you need to make a line using the powder that surrounds the perimeter of your house. Then it will be effective to kill the beetle that tries to crawl inside your house. Furthermore, this powder is not only effective on the beetle but also other types of insects thus it is a great thing to use.

8. Camphor

There are many researches that prove that the camphor actually very effective ingredients that can remove the beetles from your house. That is why; you can use this item as Asian beetle repellent that works wonder, at least until they evaporate and disappear. The only down side that this method has is that you need to replace them quite frequently so make sure you check it after some duration. So this method is actually more effective for short term solution.

9. Glue Trap

This trap is effective for when the beetle tries to enter your house from some opening such as windowsills. This cardboard is equipped with adhesive which will trap the beetle that touch it and kill it after some time. You can replace the trap when most surfaces are already filled up with dead beetle.

10. Ladybug House

For those who do not want to kill the beetle, then you can try to give them a place to hibernate so they would not come inside your house. This ladybug house is an ideal place for the beetle to hibernate so you can try to put it into your garden. The beetle is actually also help your garden by keeping away other pest. Thus it is a good thing to actually keep them inside your garden. Furthermore, this ladybug house is also useful even on season when the beetles are active as it can be used as shelter by them that will keep them away from rain, wind and even predators.

Those are several things that actually effective and you need to know when learning about how to get rid of Asian beetles. Some of those methods are prevention method as well as method to remove them when the invasion already happens. Do not be discouraged when you find one method is not working for you as not all method is suitable with the condition that you face inside your house. When that happens, then try to use other methods that you think will suit your house more.