Do you ever have a problem with constant itch on your head? Then it is possibly the result of lice. Head lice, also known as Pediculus Humanus Capitis can be found anywhere, mostly in area with poor sanitation system. But that’s not the main factor why lice stays in your head. To differentiate it with other insects, lice is wingless insect that can’t hop on or jump. So the spread of lice must be due to direct contact, whether it’s with other human or by direct contact with furniture, floors, carpets, etc. Knowing the environment can help you to do 20 ways to get rid of lice for good.

In fact, head lice mostly found in kids age 3 until 14 years old in any hair type. Thick hair, loose hair, curly, straight, you name it. But there is still possibility to infect people outside that age range. This case mostly found in Caucasians people, rather than African-Americans. Regarding that lice can only spread by direct contact, it’s no surprise that this condition usually found among school children. No wonder that this is one of the cases that makes the parents worried. But later we will give you 20 ways to get rid of lice for good. Before that, let’s get to know more about lice.

What is Lice?

Just like what we mentioned above, public health entomologist Dr. Cameron Webb stated that lice can’t hop or fly. They don’t have wings. Nevertheless, 6-12 million kids have head lice every year. Another surprising fact is lice infection be the second most common condition after common cold. Actually once the lice infects the head, they can only survive in the scalp for about one until two days. But unfortunately, the eggs are highly cemented to the hair. The eggs are glued to the hair shaft. This makes the application of 20 ways to get rid of lice for good be a bit tricky. Do you know the shape of eggs or usually called nits? It is oval and colored small white or cream or brown.

There are numerous ways applied to get rid of lice for good, but nothing seems to be the most effective one. The lice is becoming drug-resistant thus requires new therapies. The dermatologist agree that Food and Drug Administration needs to approve new approach and creating alternative agents to get rid of lice for good.

Though not carrying disease, lice can be annoying. Know the symptom earlier so that you can take the action, pick one from 20 ways to get rid of lice for good below. Here are the symptoms:

  • Intense itch all over the head causing uncomfortable feeling
  • Feeling tickled when there are activity related to the hair
  • Seeing lice crawling on body hair or scalp
  • Detect small red bumps on scalp
  • Lice getting more active in the dark, so you will the itch even more

If you notice that these 6-legged insects are crawling around your hear or your children’s heads, don’t think too long. Take the proper ways to get rid of lice for good.

20 Ways to Get Rid of Lice for Good

Usually people use neurotoxic insecticide lotion to get rid of lice. They also do extensive home cleaning in order to remove all nits. Based on your condition, choose any of these 20 ways to get rid of lice for good. Remember, if you are about to apply these ways on your children, test it first. Their skin might be too sensitive to some extent. Let’s start the list:

1. Onion

Do you know? The sulfur content in onion can help to get rid of lice for good. Just pick 4 to 5 onions and make a paste from it. Pick a spoon, press the paste so you get the extract. Massage it to your scalp and leave it for about 2 hours. Do this three times a day to get the effective result.

2. Mayonnaise

Not only be favorite complement for your children’s sandwich, mayonnaise can also work as one of 20 ways to get rid of lice for good. Mayonnaise contains full fat and oil that can suffocate the breathing hole of lice. How to do it? Simply apply mayonnaise on your scalp overnight. Wear shower cap while you sleep. Later rinse it with shampoo and nitpicking comb. There is no scientific research regarding the function of mayonnaise, but many parents admitted that this method worked effectively.

3. Sanitize Your Comb

Always used every day, your comb and hair brush need to be sanitized regularly. Prepare very hot water in 54 Celsius or 130 Fahrenheit temperature. Add soap onto it. Make sure that the dirt are gone. This should be done regularly to prevent lice or even the nits to manifest in your favorite comb.

4. Comb & Nitpick

This is the oldest and most traditional way to get rid of lice for good. But it’s still effective to throw away these little buggers! By combing and nitpicking, you can get until the very last egg. If necessary, use magnification light to help you see clearer. The downside is it usually takes a long time to do this until done. You have to comb the hair carefully from the very beginning of scalp. Nitpicking also requires you to see very clearly because the nits are heavily cemented to the hair body. When you see nits or lice on the comb, pinch it inside a soft towel. Make sure that you do this in outdoor or clear area. Don’t do this in area full of carpets, dolls, or bed. If you do that, it means that you just move the infection location from the hair to your home.

5. Louse Buster

The shape is unique, like tiny vacuum cleaner. It looks like a machine with brush in the edge. Louse buster works to blast hot air to the hair roots. The research on 2006 revealed that 98 percent nits killed by doing this method. What you have to do is simply just direct the air to the hair for 30 minutes. Remember to do this carefully as the hot air may resulted in injury. If you are about to apply this method to your children, check it to your skin first. Ask your children how they feel before do it for 30 minutes length of time. If your children don’t feel bothered, you may consider doing this method.

6. Hair-Dryer

Similar with louse buster, but this one must be more common for you. Yes, hair-dryer has the ability to get rid of lice for good. You just need to direct the hot air from hair-dryer to freshly washed hair. This will eradicate the adult lice and the nits as well. You can combine this method with specific comb to help you pick the lice and nits. Which one do you prefer, doing this when your hair is wet or dry? Both are okay, but we recommend to do this when your hair is damp. The thick layer condition of hair after wash will make it easier to catch the six-legged insects. But not too wet because it will affect the outcome of hot air.

7. Nuvo Lotion

This lotion is one example of non-toxic lotion that you can choose to get rid of lice for good. Apply nuvo lotion on wet hair. After that, blow dry your hair with hair-dryer. By doing this, the spiracles or breathing holes of lice will be filled with lotion and make them hard to breathe.

8. Hair and Bathtub

We bet this method probably be the most interesting from 20 ways to get rid of lice for good. You can do this anytime while bathing. Just immerse your hair underwater in bathtub. By doing this, the lice will be drown in the water. Well as most of you wonder, we also can’t guarantee the effectiveness of this method as the eggs are heavily cemented to the hair root. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also stated that chlorinated pool water also can’t work to let go of lice, let alone the nits. But if you do this regularly, it can help you to maintain the cleanliness of your hair. Thus, the probability of lice’s infection will be decreased.

9. Hair Styling Gel

Take this from dad’s shelf on the bathroom. Yes, this can also work as one of 20 ways to get rid of lice for good! The petroleum jelly ingredient of hair styling gel can suffocate the breathing holes of lice. You just need to coat your hair and scalp thoroughly to the roots. Don’t just do this for couple of hours. The lice is strong enough to survive if you just do this for a while. Leave it overnight. Wear shower cap when you sleep. Do this repeatedly a week, and you will see the magical result.

10. Olive & Coconut Oil

Multifunction oils like olive and coconut oil can also give benefit in your mission to catch the lice and nits. European Journal of Pediatrics said that the smothering agent from these oils can kill the lice. They work similar way like mayonnaise and hair styling gel, by suffocating the breathing hole of lice. You should wear it overnight and cover it with shower cap. Or simply mix half cup of coconut oil and massage it on your head. The antibiotic content of coconut oil can help you to get rid of lice for good. Don’t forget to comb your hair afterwards to pick up death lice. You can also get the eggs as a bonus!

11. Shampoo

Yes, when we are talking about killing lice, using shampoo will be the most common sense method. It is all about rinsing our head. If you consider this method, choose shampoo or pediculicide containing pyrethrum or permethrin. This ingredient will attack the nerve system of living lice. Apply it on your hair thoroughly, wait until ten minutes and rinse off. The second application should be done within 10 days.

12. Dishwashing Liquid

Pick this from your kitchen. You will never imagine before that dishwashing liquid has the ability to kill lice and nits. The glue-like substance can let go the cemented nits on your scalp. So this will be a battle of which one stronger to attach itself to the hair roots. This method can also kill adult lice by suffocating. If you are considering this method to your children, please test it first to prevent sensitive reaction.

13. Vinegar

White or apple cider vinegar both can work. Female louse tend to attach herself to the scalp like being glued. In this case, the vinegar will work to release it. You can both use vinegar by diluting it or use it directly. The acetic acid ingredient in vinegar will weaken the lice and nits. Another tips is add lemon juice to make this method more effective.

14. Lice Killing Protocol

Based on 2004 study in Pediatrics, this protocol is known as one way to combat lice and acknowledged by parents. Don’t worry, though the name seems serious, there is no toxic ingredients will be applied to your hair. This method requires you to comb out your hair, and blow it until dry. For maximum result, you should do this 3 times a week. The patients who have been doing this method were 96 percent cured from infection of lice. Don’t forget to do 6 months follow up afterwards.

15. Clean Up

If you say that the infection of lice is a result of dirty environment, we have no doubt. That’s why it is important to do home cleaning thoroughly once a while. But don’t just do it once, you should consider to do it regularly. Pay attention to furniture, carpets, linen fabrics, and worn clothing. Clean it up thoroughly by washing or vacuuming it.

16. No Air for Lice

For things that you can’t easily wash like dolls or toys, you can pick a sealed trash bag. Place them inside and leave it for about 2 weeks. Lice can’t breathe because there is no air. After 2 weeks, check the trash bag outside your home and see the result.

17. Essential Oil Spray

There are numerous source of essential oils that you can use as spray to get rid of lice for good. Choose the one with mild ingredients, such as thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint, oregano, lavender, and tea-tree. Make sure to do the skin test first before applying these oils to your hair scalp. If no allergic reaction detected, you can consider this method. How to do it? Just simply spray the oils to your hair scalp and massage it thoroughly. By doing this, it will be harder for lice to survive due to the oily environment.

18. No Sharing

If this seems rude for you, just regard it as the most effective prevention way. Your children are playing everywhere at school and having direct contact with their friends. We have no idea whether one of their friends are having lice on his head. To prevent the spread of lice, make sure that you don’t share using the things related closely to the head like pillow, helmet, or carpets. This is also applied to the family members who stay together with you in your home.

19. Bring Your Own Cleansing-Kit

If you are happen to bump to a place with poor sanitation system, make sure that you have your own cleansing-kit. Be it the toiletries, towel, handkerchief, and other things. Remember to use one kit to each person. No compromise for sharing. Do wash your hands frequently and watch out the place where you lay your head. Make sure it’s clean.

20. Medical Treatment

Last but not least, you can also consider medical treatment to the experts. The benefit of doing this is you can understand comprehensively about your hair’s condition. They know the proper action to take. But the downside is, of course, the price. It may be a bit expensive because the experts will do several actions to overcome your problem.

Most importantly, it is possible that lice may reappear after several of time. The key is to do the treatments regularly to have maximum result. It is more about cleaning your head, not always the environment. Why? Because as we have told you above, the lice can only survive for couple days, but the eggs are heavily cemented to your head. Before doing one of these 20 ways to get rid of lice for good, do patch or skin test, especially if it’s related with your little ones. No need to panic, because you didn’t do anything wrong. The louse will get out of your head eventually, you just need to choose which treatment is the best.