Gas, pain and bloating may be caused by a lot of things from lifestyle to medical condition such as irritable bowel or celiac disease. This is the reason why; a lot of people want to know more on how to get rid of gas in the stomach in easy and fast method.

Is the Gas Problem Normal?

Actually gas problem itself is a very common problem which we will experience sometimes in our lifetime. However for some with chronic disorder, they may even experience it every day. This gas issue is usually followed by disturbing bowel sound which comes out from the intestinal tract. This makes people with this problem think that they have to go to the bathroom or at least release the gas.

However, the gas itself is actually built up inside all people’s digestion tract. As an average any adult will pass gas from their intestine around thirteen to twenty one times in one day.

It is actually created through the process of digestion and breaking down the food that you eat, thus it is actually very normal condition. However, having the gas build up since you cannot release it will make you feel discomfort and pain. Sometimes it may even lead to flatulence, belching and even burping.

Even though having this issue is actually not considered as a problem by most people, however it can actually be used as one of the indication that you have other types of issue regarding your bowel health. Especially since this problem can be made worse by other things which usually also causing constipation as well as diarrhea.

If you have severe symptoms of gassing which make you distressed, or when the problem is followed by constipation as well as diarrhea which lead to weight loss, then it is the time for you to seek for medical treatment right away. Your medical assistant will be able to determine the real thing that cause this problem to get severe and giving the right treatment.

Things That Causing Gas

If the gas is not caused by any medical condition, then most of the time it is caused by things that you eat. The food that you eat will be digested mainly on the small intestine. However, some food that does not digested in this process will be fermented inside your colon by some fungi, bacteria, as well as yeast which actually also a part of the digestion process. Through this second process, hydrogen as well as methane gas are produced which then will be release through passing gas.

There are actually some foods that may make you more gas as the food itself contains gas. Some of them are:

  • Food with high fiber
  • Food that is high in fat content
  • Food that is spicy
  • Food that is fried
  • Carbonate drink
  • Some artificial ingredient which actually frequently use inside product that are sugar free or low carb. For example sorbitol, maltitol as well as sugar alcohol.
  • Bean as well as lentil
  • Vegetables that is cruciferous for example cauliflower, broccoli, as well as Brussels sprouts.
  • Prune, fresh or juice
  • Food that has lactose for example cheese, milk, as well as many other dairy foods.
  • Food that contains FODMAP which actually molecules of food that commonly found inside various ingredients such as onion, garlic and many others. These molecules are harder to be digested.
  • Drugstore supplements and fiber drink.

Those are only some of the food that may cause gas problem as there are many other foods that also cause this problem which we cannot list here.

Now that you already know things that may cause the gas problem then you need to know things that you can do to remove the gas from your stomach.

How to Get Rid Of Gas

1. Hot Water

Tradition and fast relief tips for gas and bloating that had been used since a long time ago is by using hot water. This method is very effective and work fast to remove gas from your digestion tract. It is also able to soothe the digestion tract which will remove the pain in the same time. You can use this method by putting hot water compress into your stomach.

2. Ginger

You all know that there are a lot of health benefits of ginger which make this plant useful as home remedy. It has various properties which are very useful for your health. One of them is the anti inflammatory property which actually able to help you in removing the gas inside your stomach.

To get this benefit is actually very easy as you can chew raw ginger directly to get it. However, some may dislike this way in using ginger as raw ginger has very spicy taste. If that is the case, then you can try to make ginger tea by boiling chopped ginger in hot water. The tea will also have the same effect as raw ginger and it is easier to consume as you only need to drink it. To make the ginger tea taste even better, you can combine it with honey.

3. Yoghurt

Another home remedies for gas that is also very effective is by consuming yoghurt. The gas that makes your stomach become painful and bloated is produced by several ingredients inside your food during the digestion process done by bacteria inside your stomach. When the food that you eat produce too much gas, then it may build up which causes the pain and bloated feeling. This is where the yoghurt comes to help as it contains probiotic.

The probiotic inside the yoghurt will be able to help in increasing the amount of good bacteria inside your stomach. This will then balance the digestion process inside your stomach so less gas will be created during the process. As yoghurt also help to regulate your bowel movement, then it is also able to help in removing the gas from inside your stomach. That is why you may want to consume yoghurt regularly as it is also very useful for your overall digestion system health. However, some people may experience gas increase when they consume yoghurt as it may also produce gas on some people. Thus you should be aware and take note whether this method is actually work for you or not as individual result may differ.

4. Lemon Juice

This type of fruit has citric acid content which very helpful for those who want to learns how to get rid of gas immediately. The citric acid inside the juice will be able to help in breaking down the gas in your intestine thus removing the pain at the same time. To reduce the intensity, you can try to consume the lemon juice which already mixed with water. It will still have the same desired effect, so you should not have to be worry.

5. Peppermint

Usually mint is given right after meal and it is done for a reason. The peppermint has properties which actually able to relieve the gas in your stomach and settle it quickly. Even for those who are suffering very chronic gas symptoms. It is also effective in any time which makes it very easy to consume. You can try to consume it as supplement or peppermint tea which can easily found everywhere.

You only need to do the direction on the supplement to get the benefit. For the peppermint tea, you can easily drink a cup of this tea right before your every meal to gain the best benefit. However, be aware when using this method as the peppermint can actually disturbed your body absorption on iron nutrient as well as other medication that you may currently use. Thus if you are currently taking any form of medication, then you may need to consult with your medical assistance before using this method.

6. Black Pepper

When looking at the history of this food, it can even be traced up to India in ancient era. Furthermore, this spice is actually considered as one of the best remedies that used to treat indigestion as well as acidity inside your stomach. This spice has properties which able to increase your stomach acid. The acid inside your stomach is actually important as it may help to reduce the amount of gas inside your stomach.

To use this spice in treating your stomach, you can try to combine the powdered form of black pepper with some jaggery. However, if you want to increase the effectiveness of this method, then you may want to combine it with buttermilk.

7. Kala Jeera

This home remedy is commonly known as caraway seed. If you want to use it to treat your gastric problem, then you can try to use it as tea. All you need to do is to boil one tsp of the kala jeera inside a cup of water. Let them it steep into the water in some minutes then you can drink it. you may want to drink this mixture right before your meal twice a day at noon as well as in the afternoon.

8. Buttermilk

This food is actually able to make your digestion tract healthy and treat various intestinal problems. Try to consume fresh churned of buttermilk which able to help you in treating this indigestion problem.

9. Cloves

You can try to eat raw cloves as one method to relieve pain from gas faster. However, for some people the taste of raw cloves maybe too strong. In this case, you can try to use cloves oil instead. Take one glass of warm water with eight ounces capacity then add around 2 to 5 drop of the essential oil. You can try to drink this mixture right after every meal. This treatment is effective to treat bloated feeling as well as pain from gas in your stomach. The reason is because the cloves can help in the production of the digestion enzyme which can help to remove the gas from your intestine.

10. ACV

This home remedy has a lot of usage, and one of them is to relieve your upset stomach caused by gas buildup. It is also very easy to consume as you only need to dilute it using one glass of warm water. Then you can consume it before each of your meals or at maximum three times in one day until the symptoms are relieved.

11. Cardamom

This spice is actually very common to use in many dishes. That is why; it is also very easy to consume as you can mix this spice while cooking some vegetables or into your rice. If you want even faster way to consume it, actually it is also suitable to be consumed raw. All you need to do is to chew on a few cardamom pods for two to three times in one day to remove the gas problem in your stomach.

However, you can also try to consume it by making it into tea drink. What you need to do is to take fresh ginger chopped to smaller pieces, fresh cardamom pods, one tsp fennel seeds, and boil them using hot water. You can even drink this tea a few times daily as needed.

12. Baking Soda

To be able to make the baking soda to work in treating your gastric problem, then it needs to be mixed with some lemon juice. Combine those two ingredients and carefully stir the baking soda so it will dissolve completely before consuming it.

13. Cinnamon

Another spice that you cannot take for granted as it can also help with your gastric problem. You can easily drink this as tea to get the effect that you want. For further effectiveness of this spice, you can also try to make mixture by combining it with several other ingredients. Take one warm milk cup then add one tsp of this cinnamon powder as well as honey as desired to taste. You can drink this mixture to treat your gastric issue.

14. Coconut Water

Nowadays everyone loves to drink coconut water as a way to replenish their body electrolytes. Turns out this healthy drink is also useful as bloating remedies to relieve the pain that coming from gas buildup inside your stomach. That is why; you may want to consume this drink regularly to gain the benefit.

15. Papaya

This tropical fruit is also very useful for those who want to remove their gas problem even before it started. Especially for those who often experiences this issue. This fruit is not only able to promote better digestion, but it is also able to prevent gas formation in your stomach. Thus it will be able to prevent the problem and pain comes from the start. You may want to consume this nutritious tropical fruit regularly to gain the best benefit from it.

So, turns out it is very easy to learn how to get rid of gas in your stomach as there are a lot of methods that you can try. However, you may want to try more than one method if the previous one does not work for you. Especially since your condition is different from other people so you need to found a method that will suit to your condition. Some of those methods are also better done regularly especially if you experiencing this gastric problem in regular basis.

Tips to Prevent Gas Pain and Bloating

Besides treating the gastric problem that you have, it is actually better for you to prevent gas and bloating from the start. It is actually pretty easy to prevent this problem as you only need to change your diet and lifestyle. Here are some tips that you can try to prevent gas pain and bloating:

  • Try to eat by sitting down and try to chew your food slower.
  • Try not to chew gum as more air will enter your stomach when you chew gum.
  • Try not to smokes since the smoke also produce this gas.
  • Try to close your mouth as tight as possible when eating or chewing as more air may enter your stomach during the process.
  • Try to avoid eating food that produces gas.
  • Try not to use straw when drinking as you will also suck some air while doing so.
  • Try to increase your activity by doing exercise right after you eating for example by simply walking around for a few minute. This will help your digestion process to remove the gas from the food that you consume.

If you follow this tips and recommendation rightfully then it is possible to prevent the painful gas and bloating problem from the start. This prevention method should be done in regulate manners to really be effective since the gas problem may not be one time problem for some people. Of course, you may even need to do all if not most of those tips if you want to get the best effect so the problem would not come back in the future.