Do you have any pet in your home? Having the pet is actually the good decision. You add something to be cared for and be loved for sure. However, there are problems that may appear in your pet. In this case, a cat can be attacked by worms. As a result, it will bring bad effects to the cat for sure. The cause of this case are varied but it is commonly due to the presence of intestinal parasites that affect the pet. The presence of worms and parasites in the cat’s digestive system can be very harmful. It will lead to the growth of adult worms that can steal the nutrition absorbed in the cat’s gut. Also, it will result in diarrhea and intestinal irritation and causes vomiting. Even, the worst thing can also come from the stool of the cat which may contain the eggs of worms.

Then, in this article, we will talk about how to get rid of worms in cats. Before we talk about further ways of prevention and treatment for worms in cats, then check the types of parasites that may appear in your cat below.

  • Tapeworms

One of worms type in the cat is tapeworms. Your cat will be infected by this worm as they may ingest an intermediate host like an infected rodent or flea. To indicate this worm, you can see in your cat’s stool and check if there are white segments in their stool or check in the fur as well.

  • Roundworms

Next, roundworms are the most common worms that infected cats and kittens. The cause of this worm is when your cat eats an infected rodent or eating feces of an infected cat. Moreover, this type of worms can reach into three to four inches in length. Another worm that can attack your cat is the presence of Toxocara Cati. It comes from the milk of the mother to the kittens. When the mother is infected by this roundworm, then the larvae will be in the milk for their children.

  • Hookworms

Your cat can be attacked by hookworms when they are having skin contact or ingestion with other infected cats. This one has smaller size compared to the roundworms. It is one inch in length and resides primarily in the small intestine.

After knowing the causes of worms in cats, then you can also check the signs and symptoms of worms in cats. Your cat might be infected by worms if they have shown a change in their appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, weight loss, mucous appearing in the stool or spots or red blood appearing in the stool. Moreover, you can check for their activities as they tend to scratch near the base of the tail. As the consequence, to know the information of how to get rid of worms in cats, then you can check the list below.

1. Have Raw Pumpkin Seed

One of the treatments for your cats is by giving them raw pumpkin seed. It turns out that raw pumpkin seed has high levels of anti-parasitic properties. As a result, it will be beneficial to fight against larvae or parasites for sure. Then, all you need to do is by adding pumpkin seed to your cat’s food regularly, once a day and see the results.

2. Have Garlic Powder

One of ways how to get rid of worms in cats is by having the garlic powder for the consumption. It turns out that garlic powder has antiseptic and antibacterial to fight parasites and worms agents. Based on a 2008 study, it is shown that mice who is given crushed garlic in the 7 days, cleared the parasites at a rate of 91% success. Amazing, isn’t it? All you need to do is by adding the garlic powder into your cat’s wet foods. Just remember that you only add the garlic powder! As a result, it will prevent the presence of parasites or worms in the intestinal tract.

3. Have Parsley Water

The next option for cat’s food is to have parsley water. The reason why you should add parsley water for the consumption is that it has the high levels of vitamins and nutrients. Not only for that, it acts as a diuretic as well. It promotes the good functioning of body system. What is even greater from parsley water is the ability to act as an antioxidants and eliminate toxins as well. Then, you can add a 1/2 tablespoon of parsley water to the cat’s drinking water regularly for ten days to get the best results.

4. Have Turmeric

As the consequence, turmeric can be the great option for your cat. This excellent spice has been there for medications.It has great ability to fight against parasites of humans and animals. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to prevent the intestinal swelling caused by the worms infections. All you need to do is by adding turmeric to your cat’s wet food. Apply this regularly and you will be happy to see your healthy cat!

5. Have Grapefruit Seed Extract

The next food for your cat is by having grapefruit seed extract. It is known that this one has the role in preventing the presence of fungal, bacterial, and parasitical infections. Not only for that, grapefruit seed extract has the content of vitamin c and antioxidants as well. Then, to have the benefits of grapefruit seed extract, you can add 8mg of its powder per every . 2 pounds of cat’s food. Apply this method regularly for a period of two weeks.

6. Have Fresh Papaya

Fresh papaya can be the great option for your cat’s food. It is due to the content of essential nutrients and vitamins in it. It can help to promote the healthy digestive tract. Then, you need to chop the papaya into the small form. After that, combine it with your cat’s wet food. Apply this regularly for a period of two weeks to see the best results for sure.

7. Have Food Grade Diatomaceous

It cannot be denied that the worms can enter the intestines of your cat through their food consumption. Then, we need to manage their food and ensure that it is safe and healthy for the cats. Consequently, you can have the food grade Diatomaceous Earth for your cat. It will fight against the natural parasite and prevent worms as well.

8. Give Healthy Foods

Apart from giving your cat the food that can fight against the presence of parasites or worms, giving them the healthy foods routinely is a must. The healthy foods for the pet are such very important as it will promote the growth and keep them healthy. To have their right foods, you can go to the pet store and search for the ones who have the best vitamins and minerals content for the pet. Then, with this method, you can prevent the presence of worms in cats and ensure that you have a healthy pet.

9. Keep Your Cat Indoors

Knowing that environment can harm your cat with worms will lead you to keep the cat indoors. It is such a wise way to prevent the exposure to the infected cats, rodents, fleas, and feces. Indeed, this is a good prevention for those who do not want to get their cats infected with worms or any other harmful ways. Besides, outdoor cats tend to bring the risks if they make contact with our cat. They can bring the fecal matter, fleas, and transfer worms. Still, if you want to take the cats outdoors, ensure that the environment is safe and clean for sure.

10. A Good Hygiene

To prevent the worms in cats, it is a must to keep the good hygiene. In this case, you need to make the environment for cats clean. In order to make this clean, you can wear gloves to change cat litter or handling feces. The litter box may contain the worm, especially if you have more than one cat.To deal with this case, you can scoop the litter box several times per day. Then, change it to the fresh litter at the end of the week. Make this one regularly to prevent the appearance of parasites or worms. Not only for that, you need to dispose of stool frequently. As a result, if we do something clean, then it will prevent the appearance of worms in the cats as well.

11. A Clean House

Who doesn’t want and need to have a clean house? Yes, everyone wants and needs to have a clean and tidy house. Then, it turns out that the environment of the pet will affect their health. Indeed, if our house is clean, then it will prevent the parasites, bacteria, and worms to infect the cat. Also, it can prevent the presence of eggs or larvae in the home surfaces.

To make your house clean, you can vacuum the house areas daily. Clean the surfaces with bleach and disinfectant to prevent any presence of eggs or larvae. This will also ensure to prevent the spreading of the worm as well. Besides, if the house is clean, the people inside will also be healthy and happy. Great, isn’t it

12. A Clean Yard

Consequently, you have to keep your yard clean as it can be the home for worms and parasites. You can prevent this problem by spread disinfectant to the areas. As a result, it will prevent the chance of fleas appearance as well. All you need to do is by removing the fallen leaves or dead plants. Don’t forget to trim the shrubs or overgrown trees. It is important to ensure that your yard is clean and free from the presence of weeds and tall grasses. With this method, your cat can play around the yard and you will not be worried as you have such a clean and tidy yard.

13. Take Cats to the Veterinarian

If your cat or pet has shown the sign or symptoms of having worms in their body, then it is a wise way to take them to the veterinarian. At this point, the cat should be tested for intestinal worms. Indeed, they need the correct treatment for sure. Before that, you should collect the stool sample from the little box. Scoop the stool sample into a plastic bag and bring it to the vet. Then, the veterinarian will help you to find a way to get rid of worms in cats. They will get you the diagnosis and give you the right treatments for sure.

14. Give the Vet’s Medicine

After bringing your cat to the vet, then it is time to follow their instructions and give the right treatment for the cat. Just make sure that you follow the method and give the proper dosage. In this case, the medications can be an oral pill or a topical ointment that should be applied to the skin.

15. Give the Worming Medication

As the consequence, one of ways how to get rid of worms in cats is by giving the cat some worming medications. This one can fight against roundworm and tapeworm as well. However, you should choose the right product and it is a wise way to talk to the veterinarian first. In the same way, the medications can be found in liquids, pastes, granules, and injections as well.

For the example, you can have Panacur (Intervet) Contains fenbendazole to fight against roundworms, lungworms, and tapeworms. It can be found in the liquid, granules, and paste form as well. There is also Stronghold spot-on (Pfizer). Contains selamectin, that can deal with the roundworm, ear mites (Otodectes cynotis), mange (Sarcoptes scabei) and fleas. For small cats and kittens, then you can use Milbemax that contains milbemycin oxime to deal with roundworms and use praziquantel to fight against tapeworms.

To conclude, those are 15 Effective Ways How to Get Rid of Worms in Cats. You can apply the ways step by step and see the best results. Indeed, to have the treatment for worms in cats is not easy. But, all you need is the consistency to fight against it. By repeating the step regularly, then your cat will be free from worms and be healthy and cute cats for sure. Then, good luck!