Recommended Methods to Get Rid Of Squirrel from Attic

1) Havahart Cage Trap

2) Trying this product –  Squirrel Ultrasonic Repellent

Talking about squirrels, they are cute and not harmful when they are living in the trees. Squirrels live in trees by choosing a hole in a tree to build their nests. They are rodents and they include ground squirrels, tree squirrels, chipmunks, marmots, flying squirrels as their family. But it is such a different case when they took place in your attic. In winter, they mostly search for a place which is high and warm. As a result, they often come to attics to secure themselves. Indeed, they need to live in the attic to store food and raise their young. They get inside the attic by chewing the walls and set up their nests. Indeed, squirrels need warm places to have their young by collecting dried twigs and leaves to make when they are in the attic.

You must be aware of squirrels as they can destroy the wall, vents, ceiling, and attic for sure. In fact, they love to chew everything! The roof timbers, wall, and even the electrical wires. Can you imagine if they chew your wires and something hazardous happen? Not only for that, they are not only living in your attic, but they can destroy gardens and other properties in your home. If they can not find any food, then they start to chew and find another way to get inside your house. As the first way of how to get rid of squirrels in the attic, then you need to check the sign of squirrels living in your attic first.

1. Check the Noise

f you have heard any noise in your ceiling or attic, then it might be a sign of the squirrels. They tend to be so noisy during morning and evening as they usually come and go regularly.

Based on squirrel types, the gray squirrel can be more active at dusk and at dawn. You will hear more scratching and chewing noises as they tend to be active in cooler temperatures. On the other hand, flying squirrels are nocturnal and do their activity on the night. The bad news is flying squirrels live together in larger numbers so that you will hear much noise for sure.

Besides, there will be a sign of squirrel odor as they use part of your attic as their bathroom. Also, you can find squirrel nests as there is the large number of twigs, leaves, or paper in the attic. Consequently, you need to find that section and do the next step to get rid of it.

2. Find the Holes

Squirrels are expert climbers and can jump five feet in the air. A squirrel can jump to your roof and chew the wood to enter the attic. They keep chewing until they make a hole and reach parts for the entry point. Moreover, they will mark the holes in their territory as well.

After finding out the wall section they used to live in your attic, then it is time to find the holes that could be their entry point. You need to look for some holes that have been chewed bigger and cracked around. Not only for that, check out for their droppings as well.

Even if it is needed, you have to trim the trees near the house. This will prevent the squirrels come to the roof or attic. This kind of prevention will work well as your house’s environment become clean and tidy.

As the consequence, have you ever heard the sound in your ceiling? The sound of scratches? This may indicate that you have the squirrel in your attic. The rummaging and the odor of animal urine annoyed you and you need to find some ways to get rid of it. Absolutely, this condition is not good for family’s living. They may transmit few diseases and bring disaster for your family as they are destructive and can danger the healthy environment. Then, do not need to worry as you can follow some next instructions about how to get rid of the squirrel in attic below.

3. Check for Another Place

Although you are sure that the squirrels are in your ceiling or the attic, yet, it is a must to check for other places. The squirrel might get in from the floor, the walls, the sidings, the roof, or even the ceiling. Thus, it is important to have a full inspection of your house. This systematic and effective method may help you in getting rid of the squirrel for sure.

4. Remove Any Squirrel Food

It cannot be denied that squirrel tries to come to your home to find their foods. They are easily attracted by the leftovers in your garbage can. Then, you need to remove any rubbish, fallen leaves or twigs as they can be squirrel food. Indeed, to clean your home is not just about being clean, but it can prevent the presence of other animals to come to your house.

5. Seal the Entry Point

The thing you should do when you find there is the squirrel in your attic is by sealing the entry point. It is a must to find first where exactly the entry point of them is. Inspect the whole house and find out the way they are getting inside. Then, when you find the holes or any ceiling cracks, you need to shut them permanently. Also, you have to use the sealing made of steel so that the squirrels can’t break that seal anymore. Ensure that all the holes are sealed shut including the roof vents and the dormers. Indeed, this method is very important as if you do not do this, the squirrel or other animals will take the place again.

On the other hand, as described before, you need to be aware of squirrels as they might chew everything they saw. At this point, squirrels can chew electrical wires and this can be very hazardous. Then, you need to ensure close the access of squirrels to the electrical wires place. Remember to close it with steel so that the squirrels cannot chew it anymore.

6. Clean the Attic

Next, many people may feel so lazy to clean their attic due to the work or any activities out there. But this case needs to be done as it can prevent the presence of the squirrel. You can clean up the attic with the antimicrobial fogging agent regularly. This is important as the mess that squirrels done in your attic may attract other animals to come into that place. The squirrels have an odor that attracts them for sure. Thus, now you can start to clean your attic and remove any rubbish, dust, or even the leftovers so that any animals including the squirrels will not come to it.

7. Scare the Squirrels

It is known that squirrels are afraid of sound. Then, this method can be useful as you can scare them off. You can try to leave the radio on or put the ultrasonic repellent inside your attic. For the tips, this method will be valuable as you turn it to a talk station which squirrels can hear human voices. Still, this one may not be very useful as there are some squirrels that get used to humans.

Then, for another great guide, it turns out that squirrels might be afraid with the lights. You can bother squirrel by using flashlights in your attic. Simply installing the flashing strobe lights in the attic. Then, this method will push the squirrels away and make them run off.

8. Use Animal Repellent

The presence of squirrels in the attic may cause an extensive damage. The wall, the things there may be cracked by these animals. They tend to chew wood and the things they have been found. To prevent this case, you can spread or spray the capsaicin on plants outside. This can prevent the presence of squirrels so that you will be not worrying about any damaged things.

Another tip for how to get rid of squirrels in the attic is by using animal repellent. You can find the commercial squirrel repellent from the manufacturer. Consequently, you can spray the nest areas of the squirrel inside the attic.

Moreover, you can purchase an animal repellent made by predator urine. It is usually fox spray that can be used as the animal repellent for squirrel. Not only for that, using ammonia-soaked rags will help you a lot. Simply put the rags in the spot squirrel used to live in your attic. This method will push the squirrel away from your attic. It is due to the strong and pungent smell of ammonia.

As a result, the animal repellant and capsaicin will help to push the squirrels away. This will indicate that your attic is not their home. Remember to clean out the attic after using the ammonia as it may be dangerous to your family’s health. Use the electric fans to clear the air and prevent any trouble. Then, you can try this method and do the next instructions as well.

9. Trap the Squirrel

If you have found the squirrels in your attic, the thing you can do is by trapping them. You can buy the cages and put them in a place you believed as their nest. Indeed, you can perform it in the ceiling and at the corner of the wall. Another great option is that you can put it on their one-way exclusion doors on the primary entry/exit hole. You could find the main hole of their entry point which is usually an obvious, big, with the chewing sign around it.

In this case, you can trap the squirrels outside by putting the cage traps in areas of the squirrel. In this case, you can build 5″ x 5″ x 14″ cage and simply put it to the top of trees, roof, and fences. Also, remember to bait the squirrel with their food traps.

When you decided to use the traps to catch squirrels, then it is a good way to choose the right baits. You can use peanuts, walnuts, peanut butter, bread crusts, and apple slices as well. Then, after you have succeeded to catch the squirrels, you can use heavy gloves while bringing them to reduce the risks of their scratches

10. Relocate the Squirrel

Furthermore, when you have finally trapped the squirrels in the cage, all you need to do is by relocating them to another place. In this case, it is best to pick the place which is 10 to 15 miles away from your house. Indeed! You must find the far distance as they might gonna come back to your house.

Another option that you can have is by calling the nearest animal relocation for squirrel. It will be good to relocate the squirrels rather than putting them away on the street. After that, check again to your house and repair the holes, vents, and the attic to prevent any presence of other animals.

To get rid of the squirrel, then it needs the effective ways for sure. You can find the best method we have listed above. Also, it is important to remember that squirrels, especially with the babies, can be very aggressive, so when you try to enter your attic, knock on the attic door to alert the squirrels. The noise will scare them for sure.

Not only for that, before starting to close the hole and make the one-way exclusive doors, you need to ensure whether there is a mother squirrel with a nest babies inside or not. It will be terrible and you must be aware and do not remove the mom and leave the baby inside. This kind of cases mostly found in August/September or February/March. Then, it is such a wise way for you to check first and set the correct trap.

Therefore, as you have read the 10 best guide how to get rid of the squirrel in the attic above, then you can apply the method and see how the results are. You can apply the method and check whether it works for your attic condition or not. Indeed, all you need to get rid of the squirrel in the attic is by trying for the instructions step-by-step and it will help you a lot. So, good luck there!