No one wants to have spiders in their house even though not everyone hates this creature. Some of you might already know that this creature actually also help to get rid of other types of bugs that may destroy your house. But that does not mean, you want to have them around the house. Maybe this is the time for you to know how to get rid of spiders in house using natural method that we mention here. Especially when you live in area where there are a lot of dangerous spiders around. Which make it even more crucial to make sure the spiders cannot enter your house in the first place no matter how large or small they are.

Having spiders inside the house is not only disturbing and dangerous especially when they come from dangerous species, but it will also make your house look dirty. Especially since the spiders love dirty places, in which insects and other bugs that they eat live. Here are some methods that you may want to try to remove the spiders inside your house permanently if done regularly using effective method that suits the condition of your house.

How to Get Rid of Spiders in House in 15 Methods

1. Orange Peels

If you love to eat orange, then it is the time to use the peels so do not throw them away. The orange fruit has very nice citrus scent which the spider actually hates. Furthermore, it is one of the natural methods that are safe to use all over the house even when you have kids around. Actually, you can also use other fruits that have citrus scent such as grapefruit or lemon if you want to. But since the orange fruit is more common fruit that most people like, that is why we put it in our list here.

To use this method, you need to have several orange fruit peels then cut them in a quarter inches size. Put the half of the cut orange peels into a pot then pour hot and boiling water so it will soak them completely. Leave them alone for one night to soak, and then you can remove the orange peels in the morning by straining them. Next is to add one quarter of a cup of witch hazel to the orange peel water. Now you can pour this orange peel mixture into a sprayer then shake it to mix them better.

For the other half of the cut orange peels, you need to smash them with pestle so the citrus scent will come out from it. Now, you need to sprinkle those orange peels in places where you often see the spider stays such as bellow the sink, cabinet’s corner, or other dark places.

2. Onion

This spice can really make your food become very delicious when added, but you may not know that this spice can also remove the spiders from your house. This natural method is actually already handed down to all housewives for centuries. And you should not doubt this method as it is very effective way to reduce the appearance of spiders in your house.

If you want to use this method, you need to take a handful of onion, and then slice them into smaller pieces. Take several small bowls, and then put some of the onion slices into the bowl. Pour some water to the bowl to finish the mixture. Next is to put the bowls into strategic places where the spiders often show up. Replace the bowl mixture once every week to make this method effective.

3. Eucalyptus Plants

If you love to have indoor plants in your house, try to choose plants that actually also useful for your house. One of the plants that you can actually keep indoors is this eucalyptus plant. This plant has very beautiful appearance, and you will also get nice menthol scent coming out from it. As you know, spiders hate this kind of minty scent, thus it can actually help you to remove spiders from your house when you keep it indoors. However, you need to put this place near the window as it still needs plenty of sunlight to grow well. Do not forget that you also need to water and fertilize this plant so it can survive indoors. You can try to put this plant in every room in your house where you see the spiders often coming.

4. Horse Chestnut

Another house wives item that already proven to be effective in removing spider from your house is this horse chestnut. It is very effective and also easy to use as you do not need to do anything to the horse chestnut before using them. All you need to do is to put them into places where the spiders often show up to ensure they wound not come into your house. This horse chestnut generate noxious natural chemical that can repel the spiders away.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is very useful spice with a lot of health benefits. Turns out, it does not only useful for your health but it is also useful for your house as well. The spider actually hates the scent of this spice even though human usually love the scent. Spiders would not even come near to the spice which makes it very effective method to prevent spider from entering your house. Try to sprinkle this spices all around your house to ensure the spider would not stay inside your house. Do not worry as this spice actually gives very amazing scent to your house. To make it more effective, try to sprinkle this spice by making a thin line in places where spiders tries to enter your house so they would not cross the line.

6. Cedar Mulch

Cedar is another plant based item that has relaxing scent for human but hated by the spiders. It is the kind of item that you want to have in the perimeter of your house as it can naturally repel the spider. You can try to spread the cedar mulch all around your garden to ensure there is no spider that would come near the house and even entering your house in the first place. It is effective and easy to do method if you use the right and high quality mulch for your garden.

7. White Vinegar

An easy answer if you want to know about how to get rid of spiders naturally is probably by using white vinegar. As you know this white vinegar has hundreds of usage and one of them is to remove spiders from your house. This white vinegar contained acetic acid which the spider hates. To use this method, first you need to dilute the white vinegar. Take a sprayer, and then pour white vinegar into half of the sprayer. Fill the latter half of the sprayer with water then shake to mix it well. Now you can try to spray the mixture into any cobwebs that you see as well as places where the spider often shows up. You need to spray those places every week for this method to still be effective.

8. Adopt a Cat

You might not know, but cat can get rid of spiders from your house. Especially since this feline loves to roam around your house and poke on the corners so the spiders would not want to stay for a long time in your house. That is why; you might want to try and adopt a cat so you can keep the spider’s population to minimum. However, you should know whether you are allergic to the cat fur or not. If you are not allergic, then this method is good one to do. However, if you are allergic to the cat fur, then you should not have to worry as there are still plenty other method that you can use.

9. Turmeric

You might already learn a lot of health benefit of turmeric, but you might never learn that this spice can be used to get rid of spider from your house. All you need to do is to create turmeric paste by mixing turmeric power together with some water. Take a cotton ball, and then apply the turmeric paste into one side of the cotton ball. Then you can put the cotton ball in places where the spider often visible as we have mention before. Replace the cotton ball with new mixture every week for this method to be effective. Remember to be very careful when putting the cotton ball. Make sure that the side with turmeric paste does not go in contact with any of your furniture surface. Especially since the turmeric space has very strong color pigment which may stain your furniture surface and it will be very difficult for you to remove it later on.

10. Peppermint Oil

Some of you who enjoy essential oil, surely also love to use peppermint oil since it has minty scent. And if you wonder how to get rid of spiders in the house without chemicals, then the answer is to use peppermint oil. Especially because insects including spiders hate the minty scent that this essential oil has. You can try to use this essential oil as natural insecticide because it can repel insects such as spiders.

There is a study in the usage of peppermint oil in water mixture as insects repellant which publish by Malaria Journal. Through this study, it is show that the mixture has repellent properties which is very potent as it can kill larvae of mosquitoes within 24 hours after its exposure to the mixture.

If you want to use this essential oil as natural spider repellent, it is actually very easy as you can use it by its own. Try to put a few drops of peppermint oil into several cotton balls. Then you can spread them all around your house in strategic places as we mention before. Remember that you need to replace the cotton balls every week for this method to always be effective. However, you need to use 100% peppermint oil for this method to work.

11. Cleaning

One of the reasons why the spider loves to stay inside your house is because the spider’s have a shelter to begin with. They do not get any disruption when staying inside the house compared when they stay outdoors. That is why; you need to ensure that they would not comfortably stay inside your house by cleaning it regularly. Wipe the surface of your houses with warm soapy water. Vacuum every corner and webs that you see so you can remove even the spider eggs before they hatched. Do not let your trash pile for too long inside the house as it can attract a lot of insects including spiders. Throw away food trash immediately and make sure that the bin is sealed tight.

12. Sealing Your House

Spiders can come into your house because there is a way for them to enter it in the first place. That is why; you need to seal your house to prevent the spider to enter it. if you notice any crack or holes in your window or doors, then you need to immediately repair them so no spider can come in. You may also want to seal the gap that often visible in between your windows and doors with caulk to prevent any way for the spiders to come inside. Do not forget that you also want to install insect screen into all opening such as the chimney as well as any ventilation that you have. Pay attention to the screen as you need to maintain its condition and replace them immediately when they are broken or when there is any hole.

13. Turn Off Lights

Even though the lights that you have in your outdoor area do not directly attract the spiders to come, but it does attract other kind of insects. Those insects are the spiders food, thus it will indirectly attract the spider to come into their food source. Thus it is better for you to turn off those lights as it may attract other insects and eventually the spider into your house area. If you want, you can also try to replace the lights using sodium lights which actually less appealing for the insects but still bright enough for you to see the outside view. Do not forget that your indoor lights also appealing to the insects outside, thus you may want to reduce the intensity of the lights that shine through outside by adding some shade or blind to your window.

14. Move The Plant

Another thing that may attract the spiders to come into your house is the plantation that you have around your house. Of course, the plants will make your house look green and beautiful. However, those plants are actually a good home for the spiders as well as other insects that becomes the spider’s food. That is why; when you have too many plants around the house, there will be more insects and spiders in your house too.

How to keep spiders away to reduce the population? You can try to move the plant from your house perimeter. Try to put the plant on the other side of your garden so it would not attached directly into your house which make the spider coming into your house as well. Do not forget that you need to keep the garden clean by removing fallen leaves or even the stones where spiders can hide.

15. Diatomaceous Earth

This item is actually very effective powder to remove the spider from your house which created using fossils of diatom which is a water creature. As it is made using natural ingredients, it is also very safe for both human as well as pets in your house. This powder actually able to cut the spider’s exterior when they come in contact which will make the spider leaking its body fluid. Eventually it will die then dries out as the result. That is why; you can try to use it to protect your house from spider’s invasion by creating thin lines using them in any area inside and outside your house. Remember that you need to maintain the line for this method to be effective and you may also need to clean the dried out spiders every once in awhile.

Now that you have learned how to get rid of spiders in house by using the methods that we have mention above. You can try to see which methods that is more effective and more suitable to be applied into your house area. Every house is different, thus you need to learn which methods that is more suitable with your house condition. If one method is not effective for you, then you need to do other method which may be more effective for your current condition. You may also want to combine several methods at once to increase the effectiveness of the methods.