Having smoke smell that constantly lingers inside your house is very disturbing. Sometimes the smell is very bad it may even able to make you feel nausea from it. That is why; you might want to learn how to get rid of smoke smell in house by using several easy to do and effective method we have here.

The smoke smell is not only disturbing for the smokers but also for people that does not smoke themselves. Furthermore, the smoke smell also contains harmful chemical that comes from the smoke itself. This make the smoke smell equally dangerous as the smoke themselves. A lot of people can become secondhand smokers through their smell which may even threaten their health. Furthermore the smoke smell itself can be absorbed by many items inside the room which make them stay for longer time than it should be.

Of course, the easiest way that you can think of when trying to remove the smoke smell from your house is by ventilating the room. However, there are some times that this method does not work as the smoke smell is already too severe. Especially, when there is a heavy smoker in the house which constantly produces the smoke smell. Doing only this common method will not remove the problem as it will only remove the smoke while they are still in the room. However, the smoke that already absorbed by the room and make the whole house smelly cannot be removed by using only this common method.

So if you constantly getting disturbed by the smoke smell that lingers for a long time inside the room and do not want to go away even after you ventilate the room. Then you might want to try several methods that we have here which may help you to overcome your problem.

How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in House in 15 Effective Methods

1. Towel

If the smoke smell inside your house is not too severe, then the easiest method that you can do is to use wet towel. Just wave this item inside the room that has the smell and it will help you to absorbed the smell and remove it from your room.

2. Baking Soda

When learning about how to get smoke smell out of house, you can try to use baking soda to do it. Baking soda has ability to absorb any kinds of smell including the smoke smell that is spreading in your house. What you need to do is to spread the baking soda in area that you feel the smell around your house. Now you need to wait for one night then vacuum the powder in the morning to get rid of it. If you see that the smell still exist even after one night, then you might want to do this method a few more times until the odor is removed.

3. Ammonia

Ammonia has very strong ability to clean many things including the smoke smell out of your house. What you need to do is to scrub your wall with the ammonia to clean the smoke smell from it. Other alternative is you can put ammonia in a bowl, and then put them all around the house or in room where the smoke smell exist. However, you need to be very careful with this second way especially if you have children or pets around the house. Accidental consumption of ammonia is very dangerous so make sure that the bowl is always in sight.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar can easily remove the smell especially on the cloth such as curtains, clothes, or anything that you want to use right away so you cannot wash them. All you need to do is to put a hot water into your tub, then pour one bowl of vinegar into the water and stir to mix them. Next you need to hang your curtains or cloth above the hot water to steam it. This vinegar to remove smoke odor method is an easy and quick method that you can use in short time or in the time of emergency.

5. Charcoal

This is might be strange for some of you, but you should know that charcoal can also help to remove the smoke smell from your house. All you need to do is to put charcoal on a bowl or any container that you want, and then put them everywhere in your house to remove the bad odor. This charcoal has ability to absorb the bad odor so your house will be free from the smoke smell after some duration pass from when you use this method.

6. ACV

You might think that ACV has very strong smell on its own. However, one thing that makes the smell of ACV different from smoke smell is that the smell of ACV will fades after some duration that pass. But the smoke smell will stay and not going away especially when you do not do anything to it. That is why; you can try to use this ACV to clean away the smell that is created by the smoke. What you need to do is to put a bowl of ACV in the room that has smoke smell to remove it. Or you can also try to use the ACV to clean out your entire room such as walls, windows, and even furniture.

7. Apple

If you think that ACV is too much, then you might want to use the Apple instead. This fruit also have ability to absorb the smoke smell from your house then leave behind a nice apple smell instead. All you need is to cut the fruit in half. Then leave each of them in the room that has smoke smell. After a while the apple will absorbed the smoke smell then your room will smell fresh because of the nice apple smell.

8. Odor Eliminator

If you are in a hurry and want to remove the smoke smell from your house immediately in an effective way, then this odor eliminator is the answer that you looking for. This item is usually available in the spray form which makes it easy to use whenever you need.  To use it, you only need to spray them into affected area to remove the smoke smell from your house. Remember, that it is better for you to ventilate the room that you want to spray before as well as after the process. Of course, you need to read the instruction attached on the product before usage.

9. Air Purifier

If you have more budget, or when the smoke smell is something that you constantly have to face regularly, and then it is better to try and get an air purifier instead. This device is able to clean the air while the smoke is still in the air so it would not get absorbed by the cloth, furniture and the wall in the room. The plus point is that this device also able to purify the air from dust and other termite that may be dangerous for you. Thus this option is not only effective but also able to make you become healthier.

10 Ozone Machine

This machine is actually more advanced and more high tech version of the previous machine. This machine will be able to create ozone particles which will attach themselves into every surface and air that is inside your house. Then they will clean the air and everything inside the room including the smoke smell. The only downside that you will face, when you try to use this cigarette smoke removal machine is that the price of the machine is quite pricy for some people. However, if your budget allows it, then it will be a great method to do.

11. Clean Carpet

You might not know but the smoke will also be absorbed by your carpet as well. That is why; if you have done other method but the smoke smell is still lingered, then the main cause might be your carpet floor. That is why; you need to clean your carpet. You can try to clean the carpet by yourself as there are many easy to use commercial products that you want. But it might be better if you use the help from professional carpet cleaners since they would know better on what to do. However, this second way is surely more expensive than the previous way.

12. Clean The Glass or Mirror

Another thing that you might not realize is that the glass and even the mirror that you placed in the room is also able to absorbed the smoke smell. That might be the reason why it seems you cannot get rid of the smoke smell even though you have clean everything else. When that happens, try to clean your glass or mirror right away and see the difference in the air that you breathe. There are many glass or mirror cleaners that sold commercially so you can easily use them if you want. However, if you want more natural way to clean the glass or mirror so it would be healthier, then you can try to use vinegar to clean them. Do not forget to wipe them with clean water after cleaning so the vinegar will be removed. Then dry them with dry cloth to ensure there is no water spot when it dries by itself.

13. Clean The Fabric

Another thing that you need to pay attention to when trying to remove the smoke smell from your house is the fabric inside the room. There are actually many fabrics that you use in the room such as curtains, throw blanket, pillow cover, sofa cover, and many others. Those fabrics are able to absorb the smoke smell which makes it very smelly sometimes you may even get nausea from them. The easiest way that you can do to clean the fabric is by washing them either using your hand or by using machine. However, you should know that not all fabric can be wash by using machine, so it is better for you to check their label beforehand and use suitable way that works for them.

14. Clean Ceilings as Well as The Walls

This might be considered as too much work, but remember that the smoke smell does not only effect the near surrounding as it may also affect your ceilings and even the walls. That is why; you should remember to also clean them so the smoke smell can be removed completely. Glycols as well as ammonia are great substances that can help you to clean them easily. You can also found both substances inside the many cleaning products. However, you might want to test the product on small and hidden area first to ensure that the pain will not get removed by the product you want to use. Apply them using the right safety equipment such as mask and working gloves. And do not let any pets as well as your children to enter the room while you clean it.

15. Re-upholster Furniture

This is the last effort that you can do and only do this if you can be sure there is no smoke anymore inside the room. You should know that the furniture may also absorb the smoke smell especially on the fabrics that attached to them. One of the things that you can do to completely remove the smell is by re-upholster them. Of course, doing this method means you need to spend more on the budget, thus it is only good to be done as the last effort.

Those are several things that you need to know when you try to learn about how to get rid of smoke smell in house. Some of them will work in most condition, thus if you find one method that seems to be not working for you, then that method you choose may not suitable with your condition. But do not be afraid and try to use other methods since they might be more suitable with your condition.