You may find there are bumps under your skin and then start thinking are they dangerous or not. If the bumps are sebaceous cysts, then you can calm down because they are not dangerous. For some people, it is called a keratin or epidermoid. Yet still, you find they are annoying because sometimes the cyst can cost you a visual problem. Again, you can calm down because the sebaceous cyst can be getting rid of.

Sebaceous cysts can appear and disappear by itself. Usually, the cysts are formed because some keratins block your sebaceous glands. Then they will appear in various parts of your body where hair grows like your neck, head, and chest. It even can form on your face that can cause the visual problems.

Sebaceous cysts are not like other cysts, they are formed by excreted oil called sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. Even though they can grow bigger, doctors declare that they are harmless. Furthermore, most doctors do not recommend the cysts to be removed. So, how to get rid of sebaceous cyst? Relax, we will get there later, but first, we will look why the cyst form, and what are the symptoms.

Causes and Symptoms of A Sebaceous Cyst

As we read before, they are formed by sebum as there’s blockage of the sebaceous glands by keratin. However, there are various body abnormalities that can also cause the sebaceous cysts. The cysts can be caused by blockage of sebaceous glands, excessive production of sebum and oil on the skin, swollen in your hair follicles, skin traumas, too much sun exposition, and acne problem in the past, and waxing or skin shaving. There is another reason why the cysts are formed; it may be caused by a genetic factor.

Those are why sebaceous cysts form under your skin. Then, you should also learn the main symptoms of the cysts so you will know is the bumps are sebaceous cysts or something else. The main symptom is that the cysts are painless. The oil contents make it firm and easy to move. Mostly, the bumps will be yellow, white or flesh-colored and will be red if there is an inflammation happen. Other symptoms of inflammation on the cysts are that they will be tender, warm, and sometimes ooze foul smell substance.

How to Get Rid of Sebaceous Cysts?

You already know that sebaceous cysts can appear and disappear on their own. Yet, still, some people who found it annoying and irritating want to get rid of them as soon as possible. There are ways on how to get rid of sebaceous cysts.  First is by surgery. However, it is only necessary if there’s an infection on the cysts. Please take note that if there’s an infection do not pop, cut or drain the bumps. It may cause more infection if you try to pop them. The infection can spread to other tissue around the bumps. Instead of popping the bumps, it is recommended for you to visit the doctor to treat the infection.

Second is by applying some home remedies. Of course, this article will recommend you the safe methods to treat the normal and infected cysts without popping or cutting it up. Here are 10 ways on how to get rid of sebaceous cysts without surgery.

1. Hot Compress Therapy

It is sound very simple, yet this method is natural, safe and can help you to get rid the cysts from under your skin. Before applying a hot compress to your skin, clean the skin with a soap first. Then put the hot compress on the bumps for 20 to 30 minutes and the thick liquid or pus will start draining out of the cysts. You don’t even use “violence” by popping or squeezing the cysts to drain out the pus. You can reapply this method after the compress become cool.

After the liquid comes out, apply a clean bandage to prevent infection and change it daily. It will take a week until the cyst drained. Please be careful not to put a hot burning water on your skin when using this method.

2. Tea Tree Oil Treatment

Tea tree oil has many useful ingredients that can be used to treat different skin conditions. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can be used to heal acne, toenail fungal infection, and many more. And of course, tea tree oil can also be applied to treat sebaceous cysts. All you need to do are mixing tea tree oil with coconut oil and then applying the mixture on your skin where the cysts are. Put a bandage on it and repeat it for a few times. It will help to prevent the cysts to grow bigger and also help to prevent them from coming back. You can also decrease the oil concentration by adding some water. For the best result, apply it for a few times a day.

3. Aloe Vera Treatment

Aloe vera therapy is similar to tea tree oil treatment which can be useful to heal various skin problems and of course, to heal the sebaceous cysts. Massage the aloe vera on the cysts softly. It will give a fresh sensation as you apply it to the cysts. Leave it until it’s dry. Then, repeat the treatment for three to four times to reduce the cysts. Once the cysts drain, it is recommended for you to keep applying aloe vera until it heals because it can prevent the wound to leave a scar.

4. Castor Oil Treatment

Slightly different from tea tree oil and aloe vera, castor oil treatment on sebaceous cysts will result healing the inflammation and reduce the itching. Please note that you need to use clean cotton to apply castor oil on your skin. Then you should put hot water bag on the castor oiled cotton that was already put on the cysts. The castor oil effect will be improved by the warm. Leave the compress for an hour to a half an hour.  It’s like combining hot compress method with addition Castor oil.

Castor oil also helps to speed up the healing once the cysts drained. Reapply this method two times a day for a week until the cysts disappear.

5. Witch Hazel Treatment

Another natural home remedy that you can apply is witch hazel. It is common for treating sebaceous cysts. To get rid of sebaceous cysts, what you need is the witch hazel gel or cream and apply it directly to the sebaceous cysts. Leave it so it can do its job. Repeat this treatment for a couple of days and you will see the cysts are reducing. Witch hazel is also helpful to reduce the inflammation of sebaceous cysts.

Beside it can reduce the cysts, witch hazel also can be used to help increase blood flow, reduce pain, itching, swelling and also irritation. It also can get rid of various acnes.

6. Lugol’s Iodine Treatment

Lugol’s iodines are available in shops. It can help you to get rid of sebaceous cysts. What you need to do is soak a cotton ball with a little Lugol’s iodine and then apply it directly on your skin where the cysts appear. It is recommended to apply this method once to three times a day. Please note that you should be careful using the iodine since it can stain your clothes.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment

Apple cider vinegar is very effective to keep your skin healthy because it can remove bacteria. It can also be used as sebaceous cysts treatment. Mix the vinegar with water and then soak a cotton ball into the mixture. Then, put it directly on the skin where the cysts are and then apply a bandage to keep the cotton intact with the cysts.

You need to leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes to let it works. It will speed up the healing process and soften the skin at the same time. For better result, repeat it daily until the thick liquid or pus drain out from the cysts.

8. Black Blood Root Drawing Salve Treatment

Black blood root drawing salve is also a natural treatment for sebaceous cysts. It can get rid of toxin from your skin. You need to apply the drawing salve directly on the sebaceous cysts. It will pull up the pus and then you need to apply a clean bandage to the wound. Leave it until it heals and then remove the bandage. You can reapply it if the sebaceous cysts are not disappeared completely.

9. Dandelion and Viola Therapy

Dandelion and viola can help you to get rid of cysts. It will reduce the bacteria that cause the cysts formation. All you need to do is to mix dandelion and viola one bag each and put it in a liter of hot water. Leave it for 45 minutes. Then you need to drink the mixture for eight to ten days with also applying the mixture on the cysts. You don’t need to afraid drinking the mixture because both dandelion and viola are useful in removing the toxin from the human body.

10. Clay Tablet Treatment

Clay tablet helps you to fix your digestion problem. Then, what is the relationship with sebaceous cysts? As there are so many reasons that can cause the cysts, there is a possibility that it also happens because of digestion problem. By eating clay tablet, your digestion will be clean. It should help you in reducing the cysts. You can apply this method for a few days.

11. Baking Soda Treatment

Baking soda is quite powerful in getting rid of various skin problems. It is also effective in getting rid of normal and infected sebaceous cysts. Baking soda has an anti-inflammation property that is great for handling swelling caused by infected cysts. Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with a few drops of water. Then stir it until you get a paste that can be applied directly to the sebaceous cysts. Leave it for 25 to 30 minutes so it can do its job. Then, you can wash is clean. This method can be applied more than once a day until the cysts are reduced.

12. Turmeric and Mint Leaves Treatment

Turmeric and mint juices can help you to get rid of sebaceous cysts. Both of them have anti-bacterial that can reduce the bacteria in the infected cysts. Then, the turmeric is useful to speed up the healing of the cysts wound. Meanwhile, the mint juices can help you to reduce the inflammation caused by infected cysts.

13. Sandalwood Powder and Rose Water Treatment

So many natural home remedies that can be used to get rid of sebaceous cysts. You can also add sandalwood powder and roses to that list. Sandalwood and roses have anti-inflammation property. Meanwhile, it is the only sandalwood that has anti-septic. Yet, both of them are useful in healing inflammation on the infected sebaceous cysts.

14. Potato treatment

Wait, how can potatoes help you to get rid of sebaceous cysts? It is the potatoes vitamin C that can be used to help you heals the infected cysts. The vitamin can remove dead skin. All you need to do is slices the potatoes into thin slices, then put it directly on the cysts. It will help reduce the cyst as you leave it with a bandage on for a night. Repeat this treatment for a week for the best result.

15. Honey and Cinnamon Therapy

Honey is already well-known as anti-bacterial. It can heal skin problems and reduce the bacteria that cause infected sebaceous cysts. Meanwhile, the cinnamon can clean your pores so to help the pus drain out of the cysts. To apply this treatment, you need to mix both three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon cinnamon powder.

This mixture will be a thick paste as you stir it. Then apply the mixture to your skin where the cysts are. leave it for 15 to 20 minutes so it can do its job. After 20 minutes, wash it off with clean water. You need to reapply this method for the best result.

Actually, there still are so many unpopular home remedies to cure sebaceous cysts. Such as Epsom salt, cabbage leaves, milk thistle tea, lime powder and many more. Do you know other home remedies to cure sebaceous cysts? Let us know!