There are many things that you need to know when learning how to get rid of scorpions from your garden and house with effective methods. We already have all of them listed here for your convenient. Now you need to try and use them carefully according to the problem that you have currently in your garden and house.

Learn How to Get Rid of Scorpions with Effective Methods

1. Declutter

Most of the time, the scorpion like to live in your garden because they get a nice place to stay. They will use a lot of clutter that you have inside your house such as wooden log, trash and many other things that clutter your garden. This kind of condition is very suitable for the scorpion to live, thus they like to stay in your garden. That is why; to remove them from your garden area, and then it is better to declutter the entire area.

Remove any wooden log especially the one that is already rotten as it would not give you anything good. Throw away all trash especially any bag that can be a good place for the scorpion to hide. Do not use decoration even though it may look good as it is also a good place for the scorpion to hide. Store the garden equipment and tools away in closed place so it would not become a hiding place for the scorpion.

Do not forget to tend the plants inside your garden as it can also become a hiding place for the scorpion especially when they grow wild. Try to trim the plants and grass so there is no dark corner that is ideal for them to hide. And try to not using mulch as it can also be used by the scorpion to hide. See the reduction in scorpion population after you done this first method.

2. Remove Food Source

After you remove the items that are used by the scorpion to hide, now it is time to remove other thing that can be an attraction factor for them to stay in your garden. Another good thing that you will also get from decluttering your garden is that you also remove their food source at the same time. Especially those trash as well as rotten items which usually become food for many kinds of insects. But what do scorpions eat? The insects will become the food source for the scorpion. Thus you need to also reduce the population of those insects around your garden as well as inside your house if you do not want the scorpion to invade your house.

You need to make sure there is no trash in your garden and yard that can attract those insects. Store your food in closed container for not exposing it to the insects. If the insect’s population is too large for you to handle with ordinary method, then it might be the time for you to use insecticide to repel them effectively. Hopefully by doing this measurement, then the population of the scorpion will be reduced.

However, it is important for you to know that the scorpion itself has very unique nature. Because of their nature, the scorpion is actually able to reduce the metabolism process of their body. This makes them able to eat only once in a year to fulfill their hunger. Nevertheless reducing their food source is still a good method to reduce them as they will try to move before turning down the metabolism.

3. Remove Moist

It is the scorpion nature to search for moist environment for them to live. Not only scorpion, but most insects are also attracted to the moist as this also make their food source become abundant. That is why; another method that you need to do if you want to get rid of the scorpion from the area near and inside the house, then you need to ensure to lower the moist level of your house and garden.

Make sure there is no leakage that may attract the insects especially scorpion. Leaking pike will make water pool especially in your garden which will attract the insects. If your plumbs are leaking, then the moisture level inside your house will also increased. That is why; you need to make sure to fix them to remove any moist source which will attract the scorpion.

4. Sealing House

If your house is often invaded by the scorpion, then there must be a way for them to enter your house from somewhere. It is important for you to seal your house completely to ensure the scorpion to not invading your house. You should know that the scorpion also have ability to push their body into an opening which you may thing very small and seems impossible to go through it. That is because the exoskeletal that the scorpion has which actually does not properly structured. Thus they are able to push their body into very small opening in your plumb or wall.

That is why; you need to ensure there is no opening no matter how small it is for the scorpion to go through it and invade your house. It is time for you to seal the house completely. Place screen on your air vent and seal the sill on your door and window. Repair any cracked plumb and wall to ensure there is no access for them to enter.

5. UV Light Hunting

If you do not want to wait for long for the above methods to work and want to get rid of the scorpion with your own hands, then it is time for UV light hunting. The hunting can be done during the night with full moon to ensure enough natural light sources for this method. Then take your UV light with you and scan it all around the garden to find the scorpion. They will glow under this light so it will be easier for you to take them down. But remember that you need to do the extermination them by yourself, thus make sure you have all equipment ready. Do not forget to wear protection gear as the body of scorpion will still able to hurt you even though they are no longer living.

6. Pesticide

If you think that the scorpion invasion is already too severe to be handle using normal method, then you may want to go one step further by using pesticide. This method is actually easy and very effective to do thus many people prefers to use this method. You can find a lot of commercial pesticide with different formulation that can terminate the scorpion. But try to choose the pesticide carefully as it is made from poisonous chemical. Read the instruction well before deciding which chemical to use as some of them may use chemical that should not be used inside your house and only for outdoor usage.

When you use the pesticide, ensure you wear protection gear as the poison may also affect you while working. Ensure there is no contact of the poison on your skin as it may be dangerous for your health. Follow the instruction as closely as possible especially for the mixture measurement as it may become less effective if you have the measurement wrong. Then clean all equipment and protection gear thoroughly to ensure there is no poison left which may lead to unwanted accident especially when you have small children.

To use the pesticide you need to see whether the weather is appropriate or not. Do not uses the pesticide on wet or windy day as they may spread the pesticide everywhere even to your neighbor house which may lead to unwanted accident. For indoor pesticide, ensure that the room is well ventilated. Use this method regularly for some duration to remove the scorpion from your house.

7. Diatomaceous Earth

For more natural method, you can try to use diatomaceous earth as a way to remove the scorpion from your house. This powder will not directly kill the scorpion; instead it will do their job in longer period. When you spread the powder in some areas, the powder will be attached into the scorpion’s body. Then it will dehydrate the scorpion over time which will eventually kill them. It seems very simple, but you can also use this powder as a form of barrier for your house. Just spread them in line to create the barrier then scorpion would be less likely to come near your house. Of course, it is a long method which you may need to maintain to be effective as the powder will be gone after it attached into the scorpion’s body.

8. Boric Acid

If you want to use more effective and faster method than the previous one, then boric acid is the answer. However, this method is also harmful for you and your pets so you need to use it with caution. Use this powder in places that are difficult to reach to ensure there is no contact from you and your pets. This powder is more lethal for the scorpion and will work immediately after they come in contact with the scorpion. That is why; it is more effective to use compared to the previous method. However, you may need to maintain them so they will still be effective to use.

9. Glue Board

Another effective and less harmful to human method that you can use is the glue board. Of course, this board will not directly kill the scorpion and you need to do that separately, but it will be able to capture the scorpion and keep them in place. Then you can use this method, to protect your house from their invasion effectively and easily. You only need to put it on areas where you frequently see the scorpion. Try to put it near any opening on your house to ensure they cannot enter it. You may also put it on corners or under your furniture so there is no place for the scorpion to hide if they somehow manage to enter your house.

10. Essential Oil

The scorpion nature is to use scent in their environment to give them information about their surroundings. That is why; this method is very effective to repel them away. There are several scents that are hate by the scorpion even though there is no exact reason.

First is the lavender which somehow hated by the scorpion. You can easily use the essential oil to warn off the scorpion from your house. Or if you want to do long term and less expensive method, then you can also try to plant the lavender in your garden.

Other kind of essential oils that are hated by the scorpions are cedar wood, as well as citrus oils. You can try to spread the oils liberally inside your house or you can also use air fresheners with those scents.

11. Trap

As you know, the scorpion likes to hide in your garden. You can actually use this habit for your advantage by setting trap for them. Just create your own trap using damp burlap bag in your garden. This will attract the scorpion to make the bag as their new house. Then you can kill them easier once you locate them easier with this method.

12. Creativity

Killing the scorpion may become a huge burden especially when you already afraid to touch them beforehand. That is why; you need to be creative with your method and use various items that you have in your house to remove or kill them. You can try to use tongs to remove them if you do not want to touch them even when you already wear protective gloves. You can also attach duct tape into a broom them use it to lift the scorpion or to keep them in place. The easiest method to kill this little pest is by using knife to stab them through their body’s shell. Remember that you still need to wear protective gloves when using these methods.

13. Environment

It is also important for you to pay attention to your environment especially when you notice there is some increase in the scorpion population or when you see more scorpions tries to enter your house. By knowing what happen in your environment then it will be easier for you to choose suitable method to be used to remove the scorpion.

Usually when the weather gets hot, then the scorpion will search for a new place to hide from the heat. This makes them tries to enter your house. Or when there is some new construction that happens near your garden, usually the scorpion population in your garden will be increased. That is because the construction usually unearthing the scorpion in the process. While the construction takes place, then there is no shelter for the scorpion. Thus this make the scorpion escape to the nearby area and unfortunately it is your garden. After you know what happen in your environment then you can try to use the other methods to remove them from your house. It will also make you able to predict whether the situation will become permanent, worse or reduced in the near future.

14. Be Consistence

One thing that make these methods seems not effective is because you do not do them consistently. Any effective method will not be effective if you do not do it regularly or when you do not maintain them. That is why; after you found a few methods that seem to work effectively for your problem. Then it is better for you to be consistence when using those methods. This will make the scorpion learn that they cannot stay in your area permanently. Thus in the long term, it will still be effective method to use in your area to remove the scorpion.

15. Professional Exterminator

If you see that the invasion problem is too severe, then it might be the right time to hire professional exterminator. Do not be discourage by hiring them as it does not show any weakness when you do it. It will even show that you take the problem seriously. Furthermore professional exterminator will be able to determine which method that is more effective according to the condition that you have in hand. Thus you would not waste any time by using ineffective method by yourself. They will also able to determine the exact thing that is causing the invasion in your area. Thus you may even able to remove the problem permanently if you use their method.

Those are several things that you can use when learning how to get rid of scorpions from your garden and house effectively. The most important thing is to try and use several methods and not stop after using one of those methods. The reason is because some methods may seem not working for your condition while the other method may be more effective for your condition. Thus by trying and using several methods you may find the one that will work for you effectively.