Another thing that takes the most concern from everyone is the presence of lizard inside your home. Do you agree? Ever experienced the same thing? Some people may feel it is okay to have lizard around the house. Basically, lizard has the role as natural predator of flies, cockroach, mosquitos, and other insects. In this term, the anole becomes natural pest controller. By its presence, the population of insect will be controlled regularly. Imagine if there is no lizard around your house at all, the population of small bugs and insects will be over.

But to some extent, some people can’t stand the presence of lizard. They will feel annoyed and feel the urge to keep lizard away from their home. Some people also have lizard-phobia, the irrational fear towards lizard. If you are one of them, try rationalizing that fear and control your panic. Lizard won’t bite you as he doesn’t have teeth. But they can be a threat by their droppings! Their droppings, black-colored with white tips, can carry Salmonella. If your pet eats the droppings, it is possible that they will get bacterial infections. The white tip in the droppings is the uric acid crystal. While the urine of lizard is quite concentrated.

In this article later, we will give you 15 tricks to keep lizard away from your home! You can choose any of these tricks that suit you the most. What you need to highlight is it would be better to chase lizard out of your house rather than kill or give poison to them. Killing or poisoning will give you another homework: how to remove the dead lizard properly. Before entering the main section about the tricks, let’s try to know more about lizard.

Lizard, the Fast Little Thing

The Latin name of lizard is Hemidactylus Frenatus. Lizard is known as reptile nature from Southeast Asia. It is usually found in areas with tropical warm climate. No wonder that lizard likes the warmth inside the house. Lizard needs that kind of shelter to protect itself during the winter. Lizard is fast little thing with length 75 to 150 millimeter. Considering the size, lizard can easily sneak inside your house through crack or the gaps between windows and doors. Behind the furniture are also one of its favorite hiding places. Lizard can hide easily among stuffs. That’s why it is important to move your furniture from time to time, to reveal their shelter and also part of cleaning up your house.

This house gecko has average life span until 5 years. Lizard is not either poisonous or harmful. The only poisonous lizard in this world called Heloderma, can be found in Southwestern areas of United States, near Gila River. Lizard is cold-blooded creatures that has the role as natural predator of tasty bugs, like ants, wasps, cockroach, spiders, grasshoppers, and other insects. Mostly lizard spends most of its time clinging on the wall or vertical and inverted surfaces. Even during the rest, this quick little critter do the same thing, clinging on the wall. Lizard is nocturnal reptile that foraging insects actively during the night. The population of lizard nowadays is far from extinction. But the research conducted by University of California stated that in 2080, lizard will be one of extinct reptiles due to global warming.

Why Lizard Invades Your Home?

If you ever find lizard in your home, it means that this scaly creature once found a good meal. Lizard think that your home is the source of warmth and tasty foods. This might be disturbing. But lizard also has the role to control the population of small insects. That’s why catching lizard can be tricky. Most importantly is you have to make your home inhospitable to the lizard. Remember, if there is no lizard exists inside your house, the population of small bugs might be too much. But apparently it is okay to know the tricks to keep lizard away from your home, as long as you do it in normal basis and not too much. Let’s start the list of 15 tricks to keep lizard away from your home.

15 Tricks to Keep Lizard Away from Your Home

1. Laser Light

The first one from 15 tricks to keep lizard away from your home is using laser light. Do you have one in your home? Maybe the one that you often use for presentation at office? Use the laser light beam and spot it near where the lizard clings. Lizard will regard it as insect and follow the light. Direct it to go outside. It will be more effective if you use this method if the lizard is located near the windows or doors.

2. No Entry

Still talking about doors and windows, make sure that there is no way to enter your home. Don’t make room for lizard. If you are opening the front door or balcony, make sure that you close it as soon as possible. Inspect the gaps between windows and doors. Check the cracks around your house or from the attic. Fix fine net on your ventilators that is already broken. Screen in all the gaps to make sure there is no entry point for lizard.

3. Remove Standing Water

Remember the principle of supply and demand? Lizard comes to your house because there are primary food sources for them. In this term, you need to know where the small bugs and insects appeared. Leftover water is one of their breeding grounds. That’s why it is important to remove standing water. Be it buckets or small unused ponds, empty the water. If you have piles or some kind of buckets that may be the place for water, place it upside down to prevent leftover water. Minimizing the breeding ground for insects will be a benefit for you to minimize their population.

4. No Lights

Lizard as nocturnal reptile gets easily attracted to lights. It preys on insects that are attracted to light bulbs or other light sources. How to handle this? Turn off the lights in your home! Fewer lights, there will be fewer lizard. The strategy is knowing most and least favorite things to lizard and use it as tricks to keep lizard away from your home.

5. Phone Apps

As easy as it seems, you just need to turn on your phone. Install the applications that able to keep lizard away from your home. Usually it works by emitting high frequency sound. It is unbearable for this pesky skink. There is yet no research that proofed that this applications worked effectively, but it is okay to try your luck.

6. DIY Trap

You can easily make lizard trap at home. How to do it? Pick cup or unused bottle. Lure the lizard with its favorite food. Once the lizard is inside the cup, cover it tightly with plastic or paper. Make sure that the size of plastic and paper is big enough to cover the hole. After that, walk outside and release the lizard. This method is hassle-free and won’t hurt this scaly creature.

7. Your Pet, Your Hero

As lizard plays the role as the predator of little insects, your pet can also has the role to control the population of lizard. Maybe your cats or dogs are not eating lizard literally, but they can scare the lizard.

8. Food Wrap

Grab your aluminum food wrap from your kitchen drawer. Make it small and place in corners of your house. Lizard will be afraid of the aluminum and prefer to look for another place as its shelter.

9. Plants

When it comes about choosing the proper plant, you have to choose it wisely. Sometimes plants that you choose can be the natural repellent for lizard. Plant mint and put in a room. Lizard hates the mint aroma from this plant. Place the plants near the windows and doors. Or you can put it anywhere that you think be the hiding place for lizard. As a bonus, you will get fresh air from the plants!

10. Peacock Feathers

Do you know that birds are natural predator of lizard? Yes, you can stick the feathers to the wall or areas that often visited by the lizard. It will make the lizard scared and find another place to live!

11. Egg Shells

Some find that this method is effective, but some others don’t. Nevertheless, you can try keep the egg shells. Place it in the areas where lizard enters or in the corners of your balcony. Make sure to replace it daily.

12. Ice Cold Water

Pick the cold water and place it on sprayer. When you spray the ice cold water to the lizard, it will make their body temperature reduced. Lizard will get difficult to move. When this happens, you can place it on your DIY trap previously mentioned above. But to do this, you need to remember that lizard is quick little critter that can move very fast. If you can’t defeat its speed, this method can bring a mess to your home. So, be very careful and quick.

13. Onion and Garlic

These aromatic vegetables can also work as effective repellent for lizard! You can simply hang onion near your windows and doors. Lizard hates the strong smell of onions. You can also mix water and onion juice and place it on sprayer. While related to garlic, just hang the cloves of garlic near the areas where lizard stays. You can also use garlic and mix it with water to make a lizard repellent spray.

14. Naphtalene Balls

Naphtalene or mothballs usually used to remove small bugs and pets. You can also consider using these balls to keep lizard away from your home. Place it on drawers or cupboards. Don’t forget to place it behind your wardrobes and shelves. Make sure to add more balls once they have been sublimed.

15. Chili Pepper Sprayer

Spicy ingredients can also help you and become the main content of lizard repellent spray. How to do this? Simply mix water and chili powder. Add ground black pepper, or for stronger effect, you can use cayenne pepper. After that, place it on sprayer bottle. Besides that, you can also use Tabasco sauce with water. Spray it behind wardrobes and shelves. By doing this, the strong and spicy taste from the repellent will make lizard avoid the areas. Or if you have the chance to spray it directly to the lizard’s body, they will be partially paralyzed. In this condition, they can’t grip on wall and fall to the floor. Make sure that you anticipate this situation and know what to do. Make sure that your pets don’t get curios and touch the lizard by any means because the spicy spray still lingers on the lizard.

Aside from these 15 tricks to keep lizard away from your home, you can also consider to use electronic pest repellent. There are numerous pest repellent that you can purchase and place it in your house. Ratosonic, for example. Install it properly and read the instruction guide thoroughly. You can choose any electronic pest repellent that suitable with your budget. It works like any other repellent that can keep away pests from your house. Be careful when you turn the electronic repellent on. Make sure that your kids and pets don’t have access to the tools. To mention another tricks are the use of flypaper and double-sided scotch tape. This will catch the lizard and make them stuck. You can place it near the tube lights or areas that are attracting the lizard. Please do remember that if you choose to do these methods, it is a bit harmful to the lizard. It can do nothing and can result to the death.

Also the main point of keep lizard away from your home is by keep the house clean. Sweep and mop the floors daily. Clean the spider webs. Change the furniture location from time to time. Check your drawers, shelves, cabinets, and other places that are possibly become the shelter or hiding place of lizard. Do any of the tricks wisely, considering that lizard is basically harmless and useful to control the bugs population. Lizard doesn’t mind of our presence, and the least you can do is the same, to ignore their presence. But if you can’t, it’s totally okay to try these tricks to keep lizard away from your home, but do it very carefully.