How to get rid of fleas in the house as soon as possible is the most common question today. Fleas are a huge issue in homes around the globe and finding a successful way to remove them is more than just important. We will use this opportunity to reveal the best ways to kill and eliminate fleas from your beloved home. Yes, it requires several actions and persistence, but at the end of a day, your home will be safe!

1. Kill the fleas from the beddings and clothes

How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

A flea can hibernate more than 10 years without the need for blood. Who knows, you may have a few of them hibernating right now at your home. As such, this is the first way to use. Washing all of your beddings, clothes and anything else which can fit in a washing machine is highly recommended. In some cases, fleas live only in these items, simply due to the fact they are closest to your body (their food source). For smaller infestations, this method works perfectly.

All you have to do is to turn a washing machine to the hottest setting and leave it like that. Once beddings, clothes and etc. are washed, there won’t be any fleas left. The temperature kills adult fleas and larvae, so nothing will survive. Just to add, wash items your pet uses, if you have one.

2. Get rid of fleas from your pet

A pet is the main goal of the fleas. We can even say that all pets are natural habitats of fleas. This means that you will have to remove fleas from him as soon as possible. He will spread the fleas to the entire house, so start with this procedure today. Obviously, the first thing that you want to do is to buy a pet shampoo for killing fleas. Although they may work, they are not ideal. Most of them can harm your pet and irritate his skin.

A much better solution is to use rosemary oil, citrus oil or eucalyptus oil. They are not harmful to the pets but are for the fleas. Simply bath a pet in warm water with these oils (use just one). Make sure you brush areas around his neck and legs (fleas live there). Important: regular baths are mandatory if your pet has any contact with other animals. Just because you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t hang out with other pets.

3. Eliminate fleas from your backyard

You want to discover how to get rid of fleas in the house but we are still mentioning how to kill them in the backyard! Why? Because, if fleas are present in a backyard, they will get into the home. Regardless of how many times you eliminate them from the house, they will reappear. As such, it is obviously to eliminate them from the backyard as soon as possible. Just to add, if you have a pet he will ‘’bring’’ fleas to the house. If don’t, they will come by themselves, yes they can walk.

To achieve this process, use a large amount of water mixed with salt. It dehydrates their bodies and eventually kills them. Apply the mixture several times to the targeted area and continue to repeat the process once per day. Fleas will be eliminated completely after 2-3 days. Avoid spending time in a backyard while you are performing this task.

4. Trap and kill fleas

Getting rid of fleas is the most effective if you use a trap. Yes, there are so many of them, but we will use a non-traditional one. All you have to do is to place a plate filled with water and dishwashing soap. Add a tea candle in the middle and light it up. The position should be in the middle of a room, on the floor. Leave it through the night and you are done.

Fleas will be attracted by light. They will jump straight into the solution where they will die. Obviously, remember to use some type of protection because you use a candle. Place aluminum foil around the trap! For minor infestations, you will need to do this just once. For larger ones, 2-3 times. In addition, make sure there is a trap in each room in a house.

5. Using salt and water to get rid of fleas from the carpets

If you have thick carpets, fleas are native in them! They remind them on the fur of pets. The entire process is easier than you may believe and it is actually similar to the one we mentioned in the backyard flea removal section! It is one of home remedies for fleas without any issue, but with a high success rate. You will have to:

  • Mix water and salt (use salt in larger amounts)
  • Spray the carpets
  • Leave it for 48 hours
  • Vacuum them

The solution will dehydrate the bodies of fleas and literally kills them. The vacuuming process is needed only to extract dead fleas from the carpet. You should use this method a few times per week. Just make sure to use it more often during the flea season. It starts in spring and it will last a couple of months, depending on your location. During this time, try to spray all around your home with the solution we mentioned. It can also repel the fleas.

6. How to get rid of fleas in the house with boric acid

A boric acid is a powerful tool in eliminating fleas. All you are going to need are boric acid and a shaker. Furthermore, you can even make your own shaker using a bottle with holes in the cap. Fill a bottle with 2/3 of boric acid and apply it to the areas where fleas may live. Now, repeat the step for a few days.

Boric acid works in the same way as salt, it dehydrates their bodies. On the other hand, it is stronger than salt, so the end result is visible much sooner. A negative side is an odor. Nevertheless, you will see an amazing effect after the first use. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t apply this solution to pets, especially smaller ones. Also, don’t apply it to beddings and areas where you sleep. The solution in question is highly recommended for heavy infestations, where a house is completely infested with fleas. In addition, this method works well outdoors as well.

7. Diatomaceous Earth kills fleas as well: Use it for severe infestations

Diatomaceous Earth or DE is another answer to how to get rid of fleas naturally in your home. But, what it is? DE is a powder made from fossilized algae which live in saltwater and freshwater. They are not toxic to humans, simply because the main ingredient here is silica, which acts like glass. It is capable of shredding the exoskeleton of fleas and causing severe damages. Once damaged, fleas cannot survive without it. Using the method is as simple as it gets.

The main direction is to apply the DE to the areas which are infected by the fleas or those which are used by fleas to get into the house. Apply thin layers of DE and you are done. Don’t forget that they must stay there for 24 hours. When a flea comes in contact with DE the glass from it will damage the exoskeleton, so it will die after 4-6 hours. The mentioned amount of time DE should stay on the carpets and floors is used simply to maximize the effect. Once you are done, vacuum the DE to remove it from the floors and you are done.

DE isn’t harmful to the humans nor does it cause any issues. However, it is a fine powder, so it must be used with precaution.

8. Trying the horse apple method

Maclura pomifera is better known as horse apple. It is one of the oldest flea and insect repellents in the world. Using it is more than just easy. All you must do is to cut the fruit into pieces and place them all around your home. Make sure you place one, horse apple in each room. Also, font forgets to place them in the backyard. It is still unknown how this method actually works, but it is known that it will repel fleas, pests, and even rodents.

There are no side effects associated with the horse apple method on humans and pets. Some say that a raw horse apple is better than older one, but it isn’t tested. Anyway, you can try both alternatives.

9. Keep fleas away with the help of pennyroyal herb

Pennyroyal herb is native to America and Europe, so we have two different alternatives. In general, the plant is used as a natural flea repellent. Fleas cannot withstand the odor of the plant, so they will keep away from anything that carries the odor in question. There are several applications of this plant. The most obvious is to plant it all about your home. It will create an invisible boundary around your property.

Once you have grown the plant use its leaves (crushed) in order to make oil. The oil should be applied to the collars of pets to keep fleas away from them. Leaves can be placed in tea bags and hand around a home. Just make sure they are high enough so a pet or a kid cannot reach them.

Pennyroyal herb has a few issues. In larger amounts when consumed it can cause infertility in pets and cause minor issues of the same type in humans. To make sure this doesn’t happen, restrict the contact between plants and animals. Interesting: Native Americans used this plant for abortion.

10. Rosemary for repelling fleas

Rosemary is a terrific plant. It is a natural flea repellent and it is more than just useful in this case. You can make the powder all by yourself. The things to do are to crush the leaves of the plant, add peppermint and you are done. Spray the powder in the areas which are infected by fleas and leave it for a couple of hours.

Dogs can be a bath in a water containing rosemary oil. Furthermore, you can add a few drops of the oil to their collar, so fleas will leave the ‘’host’’. On the other hand, cats shouldn’t be in touch with rosemary. It can cause certain issues and complications to their skin, so this must be avoided at all cost. If you want to know how to get rid of fleas in the house when you have cats, try another solution.

We should add that rosemary is a repellent, meaning that it won’t kill fleas. However, if the entire house and pets are treated with the solution, fleas won’t be able to live there, so they will literally leave your home.

11. Vacuuming with baking soda

We mentioned vacuuming several times here. We did that due to the fact it is commonly known as one of the most popular and the most effective methods to keep fleas from your home. But, to make it more effective, you should add baking soda to the equation. Here is what you have to do.

Pour baking soda to your carpets and then use a brush to press it deep into the fibers. Then, vacuum the carpets and place the vacuum bag outdoors. The method is more than just effective, just to add. It removes and then kills fleas. Repeat it as many times as you think it is necessary.

12. Using flea repellent plants

Plants such are Chrysanthemums, Lavender and Spearmint are natural flea repellent. Fleas of all species cannot withstand them in a home, so obviously, they will leave that home. Your only task is to plant these plants into a bowl and place them around and inside a house. Take care of them, and they will take care of fleas.

All of these, which we mentioned are not dangerous to humans or pets, nor they have any related side effects. On the other hand, they are useful in repelling fleas, ants, and other pests. For the best performances, you can use all of the plants we mentioned. The combination of them is unbearable for fleas and they cannot withstand them, literally. Don’t think that you need a full garden of them. Just one or two plants are sufficient.

13. Anti-flea spray (homemade)

How to get rid of fleas in the house with a self-made remedy? Actually, this is easier than it sounds. The best remedy is based on lemons and rosemary, mixed. To make the solution, you will have to:

  • Slice lemons
  • Add rosemary
  • Pour hot water and leave it overnight
  • In the morning, pour the water in the spray bottle
  • Spray the areas where fleas may be

Yes, you can still purchase a solution made for this application, but it will probably contain certain chemicals which you don’t want to get in touch with. The mentioned solution is perfectly safe and it is more than just effective. In addition, it is useful against ants and other pests.

14. Citronella oil: Get rid of fleas and other pests

Now, if you want to know how to get rid of fleas in the house alongside other pets, you have to use this method. The oil is delivered from Cymbopogon nardus and it’s safe for pets and humans. In order to make it much stronger and therefore more effective, you can mix it with:

  • Lemongrass oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Geranium oil

Mix all the oils with warm water and use the mixture to wipe your floors. Repeat the step once per day as long as you feel it is necessary. After 7 days, repeat the procedure once a week. The solution is very effective against fleas, but it also keeps other pests from your home, such are mosquitoes, ants and etc.

15. Eliminating the risk of fleas coming again to your home

After you have solved the infestation of fleas, you must make sure they won’t come again. To do so, make one of the oils we included above and pour a few drops to the collar of your pet. They actually work and they are safe for dogs and cats. Just leave it like this and repeat the procedure a few times per a week.

The odor and the solution will keep fleas away from infecting your pet, which will bring them to your home! So yes, this is the best method to use if you have pets who like hanging out with their friends.

The final word

Now you know how to get rid of fleas in the house easily and without a need to waste money on expensive products, which barely work. All methods here are safe and without hidden effects. They are also safe for your pets, maximizing their efficiency and making them much, much better. There is no need in mentioning that all 15 methods are extremely easy to use and you can use all of them if needed.