You don’t have to be a scientist in order to know that roaches must be eliminated from your home. They are awful creatures, they can promote asthma in children and they will leave their saliva and feces all over your home, including dishes and cookware! The best way to get rid of roaches is the one which works for you. We will mention 15 of the most effective ways used commonly across the planet. They are effective against all species of roaches.

1. Mixture of Baking Soda and Sugar

Best Way to Get Rid of Roaches

If you want to know how to kill roaches this is one of the methods. All you have to do is to mix baking soda and sugar. Sprinkle the mixture across the area where roaches live and leave it. The population will be significantly reduced within a single day. Make sure you use the same proportions of baking soda and sugar. Just to add, this solution isn’t dangerous for humans, pets or children.

Here is how the method actually works. Sugar is used to attract the roaches, which will consume baking soda. Once it gets in touch with their stomach, they will die, as simple as that. Obviously, knowing where roaches are is mandatory. A good thing is that you can place the mixture across a larger area. Leave it as it is for a couple of days in order to maximize the effect of it.

2. Using Boric Acid

This is perhaps one of the most interesting ways to eliminate roaches from your home. The main thing here is to spray a small amount of acid on the floor. Roaches will walk across it and get in touch via legs, antennas and eventually bodies. When they groom themselves, the acid will get into their system. After that, it is a just a matter of hours until the acid does its thing.

Think like this. Boric acid is poison and it is a strong one. Don’t forget to keep your pets and children away from the area where the acid is applied. Also, don’t pour large amounts of it on the floor. This method won’t work if the entire space is wet. Overall, the solution is highly effective, reasonably safe and it is recommended for larger infestations. Those without pets and children should choose this way as soon as the first roaches are visible. There is no need in telling you that it is one of the most affordable methods from the list.

3. Coffee and Traps

Placing jars filled with water and coffee grounds is effective and here’s why. Roaches like coffee and they will be lured to the jars. Once they fell into, they will drown. But, here is an issue. Roaches can breathe in water for 30 minutes when fully submerged. In a case they are not, they can breathe more than 40 minutes. The key is to apply petroleum jelly to the inner parts of the jars. Roaches won’t be able to escape, so they have just one scenario left.

This method is beneficial if you have a small infestation, with a high risk of severe spreading. A single roach can lay more than 50 eggs at once, so it is nice having a few jars filled with coffee grounds, just in case.

4. Fabric Softener and Water

The best way to kill all the baby roaches is with fabric softener and water. Obviously, the method works well with adult roaches as well. Mix 2/3 of fabric softener with 1/3 of water and shake the mixture. Once completed apply it directly on the roaches. Yes, it sounds like an impossible mission, but keep in mind that all roaches will stick together and they will use the same hiding places. After all, it isn’t difficult to find them and spray them.

The solution is thick, which is an important factor here and also a reminder not to add water too much. Roaches breathe through their skin. The solution will suffocate them almost instantly. An advantage of the method is the fact they won’t be able to survive, regardless of what they do after the ‘’treatment’’. It also works perfectly with all the types of roaches and it is one of the most affordable methods. Make sure to use premium fabric softeners due to higher viscosity.

5. The Power of Lemon

There are so many home remedies for roaches and surprisingly, most of them do work. But, one of the best is using lemon. You may have noticed that most products for house cleaning include lemon. It is for two reasons. The first one is the smell, which is appealing. The second reason is the fact lemon is a natural repellant of pests, including roaches.

Here we have a different method how to use lemon. The first one is to use lemon juice and sprinkle it over the area where roaches live. The second method is to crush and mix lemon peels and place them all around the house (they repel roaches).

The third method is the one we would recommend. Mix lemon juice with water and use it to clean all the countertops, cookware and everything else where roaches may come. It is a strong repellent and roaches won’t be able to withstand its odor, so they will go away.

6. Place Bay Leaves All Around Your Home

Purchase a bag of bay leaves, chop and crush them and place the powder all around the home and the areas where roaches live. These leaves are easy to find in Asian-based stores and it is cheap. The odor is too powerful for roaches, so they cannot withstand it. Correspondingly, they will leave your home and try to find a better-smelling place. Yes, the odor of bay leaves is noticeable in each home, if you use it, but it isn’t an issue for most people.

A great advantage here is the fact bay leaves are not dangerous to humans or animals. You can use them as long as you want and for any period of time. Drawbacks don’t actually exist with this method. Important: Some of you may have heard that cucumbers work well. Actually, they are not as efficient as bay leaves and you will have to change them more frequently (they are raw). In some cases, they will attract other pests!

7. Ammonia Solution

Ammonia isn’t the first choice, due to the obvious odor of it, but it is one of the most efficient ways to eliminate roaches from your home and your life. Although ammonia used separately is effective, we would recommend you to mix it with water. Then, simply wash all the places in the home where these inserts may appear and you are done. It has been the best way to get rid of roaches when the infestation is severe and when many other ways simply don’t work. There are no drawbacks either. You will have a clean home, the odor will eventually disappear, but before that, roaches will leave for good. Addition: Even two tablespoons of ammonia mixed with water are perfectly fine.

We will add that ammonia isn’t very safe chemical, so make sure your kids and pets are away from it. Always keep a bottle on the top shelf and make sure your loved ones don’t have reach. To make the odor go away faster, open your windows during the day and leave them open.

8. Maintain Your House Perfectly Clean

Perhaps it looks obvious, or even irrelevant to the matter, but maintaining your home perfectly clean at all times can assist you in roach elimination. This is mandatory due to a simple fact. Roaches prefer dirty places and moisture, so if you have pieces of food and a leaky faucet in your home, you are like a perfect place for roaches. Solutions for this are obvious and you shouldn’t do anything special, just make sure there are no leftovers in the house, the kitchen is perfectly clean and there are no leaky faucets.

We already mentioned a few methods that can keep roaches away from your home, so it would be a wise decision to make a combination of them. The easiest infestation is the one you don’t have to fight!

9. Trap Made of Borax and Sugar

How to get rid of roaches with a simple trap? We already revealed one of them, but this is a second trap which actually works. The main goal is to mix sugar and borax. The mixture should be placed in a glass jar and left close to the source of infestation. Then, your job is done. Yes, it sounds simple and easy, but it is also highly effective. The method is also the answer if you want to know how to get rid of mice.

Roaches are attracted to sugar, which is the main reason why it is the additional ingredient in almost any trap. Once they come in touch, they will also reach borax. This chemical will kill them. Sadly, borax is toxic to pets and small children, so try to find some way to keep these two away from your trap. A plus side is that you can see the first results within a matter of hours, not days. Addition: Always empty the jar once there are plenty of dead roaches. They won’t be attracted if they see so many dead fellows in a jar!

10. Aluminum Can Filled with Sliced Cucumbers

If you recall, we said that cucumbers are not as effective as you may believe, so they shouldn’t be used as the first method. But, in a case you use cucumbers with an aluminum can, you will see guaranteed results. The explanation lies in the reaction between aluminum and cucumber. They will create a unique reaction which kills roaches. In addition, it also keeps roaches away. The aluminum can is needed in order to prevent roaches from exiting the can.

As well-known as it may sound, the size of a can is mandatory. If you use a smaller one, but you have a larger infestation, you will have to empty it all the time. If you use a larger can, you will need more cucumbers. Also, make sure to replace dried and old cucumbers after 48 hours. They are not effective once they are completely dry. Make several killer traps to make the result much better. We recommend usage of larger cans.

11. Washing Up Mixed with Water and Listerine

Mixing Listerine with water and washing up liquid is highly productive in a struggle versus roaches. This way is so effective that some users have been using it for a decade now. The explanation is simple. The mixture will repel the roaches and they won’t be able to come back, not soon at least. The ones that are sprayed directly with the solution won’t even survive the treatment. But, there is another advantage here.

The solution is so safe that you can use it around your home and literally eliminate access to the home. Even more importantly, spray the basement with it. There won’t be any side effects, but roaches will be kept away from your sweet home. The bottom line is the fact this is the best way to get rid of roaches while keeping them away from your home at the same time.

12. Lower Down The Temperature as Much as Possible

If you are not going to be at home for a few days, try to reduce the temperature in your home as low as possible. All roaches like higher temperatures and during the warmer months, they will use the temperature to spread the wings and fly. If possible, lower down the temperate for 48 hours and leave it like that. All roaches will go away. They simply cannot withstand lower temperatures, therefore this is the simplest, yet time-consuming way to get rid of them.

American roaches prefer higher temperatures especially, so this method is probably even more effective against them than with other roaches. Just to add, it works perfectly against other species as well.

13. Mixture of Soap and Water

Here we have one of the simplest ways to kill roaches. The only thing you will have to do is to mix water with soap. For the best effect, add a few drops, not plenty of it. Also, always use hot or warm water. When you see roaches, spray them with the solution and you are done. They will still move, but they will die within a matter of minutes. A handy solution like this should be kept available in every kitchen.

There is no special type of soap you should use, but we discovered that stronger soaps, the ones with a strong and powerful odor are the best. They will kill roaches faster than several other solutions here. When it comes to a price, should we even say how cheap this method is? The only drawback is, you will have to look for roaches. For the best effect, spray roaches in the head.

14. Liquid Concentrate Method

The liquid concentrate is the chemical which is used by exterminators. It is effective, without any doubt and it is more than just popular nowadays. In a matter of fact, it is so powerful against roaches, that chances are small they will ever come back, once they are treated with this powder. Just to add, the solution becomes effective only after it is mixed with water.

Due to its power, we highly recommend to use it in a case of re-infestation. It will keep roaches away and it will prevent them from spreading in your home. When it comes to price, the method is reasonably affordable.

15. Using Hairspray for Keeping Roaches Away From Your Home

Yes, this method works and it is actually one of the most popular nowadays. Everyone has a hairspray bottle, therefore you have the solution in your bathroom. Using it is as simple as it gets. Spraying the roaches with the hairspray will stick their wings and legs. Accordingly, they won’t be able to move. But, they breathe through the skin, so they won’t be able to breathe after the solution. The result is inevitable.

You may believe that more expensive hairsprays are the best. In the real world, all hairsprays work the same and all of them are equally successful. We would recommend you to purchase an affordable hairspray which can be used solely for this application. Who knows, maybe the best way to get rid of roaches for you is already in your bathroom, a few steps away.

The Final Word

The best way to get rid of roaches is one from the list, the one which works perfectly. Now it is up to you to decide which one is the most productive. There are several variables, such are location, roach species and etc. Anyway, you can try several of them or all of them in a matter of fact. The method which is the most beneficial for you will start bringing results after a few hours, not days!